Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lo Is Sick, First R.E. Appointment

My poor Lo is sick. She has two ear infections. She wound up spending a good chunk of the 4th of July afternoon in the ER to find that out. Now she has antibiotics and ear drops, but she is still in a ton of pain. My poor Lo. I hope she feels better soon.

I have my first R.E. appointment today. I'm a little nervous about it. But que sera sera. Despite the nervousness, there's excitement too that we really are starting to embark on this... for real now.


Sarah and BB said...

Get well soon Lo!!!

and good luck today Co!!

::HUGS:: from Germany!

Trista said...

Oh, Lo, I hope you feel better soon.


Tamsin said...

Hope that Lo's ear pain eases off soon. Seriously debilitating :o(

Wishing you a happy visit with the R.E. for later on today.

FosterMommy said...

oh, ouch! i *remember* the pain of my last ear infection. I was around 7.

Hey, Lo...if you can get to your (and my) favorite drug store (or send Co), check out the "ear stuff" section, cuz the last time I was there I saw that they have homeopathic ear drops for pain and infections.

It wouldn't interfere with the antibiotics or the other ear drops, and they might help additionally. :)

mermaidgrrrl said...

Oh, that's so exciting! About the doctors appointment, not the ear infection :-)

Co said...

Hey, fostermommy.

I actually bought Lo homeopathic drops and tablets (which I think are kind of the same, but I couldn't decide which to get) in my desperate attempt to find her some relief before she decided to go to the ER. Guess where? CVS!!!! Hey, they were open on the 4th of July. And Lo does pledge allegiance to them.

Whimsy said...

Is that one in each ear or double in one ear? Oh, how terrible!

I am sending bigtime hugs and I hope Lo feels better very soon! We saw CARS tonight, and I was going to ask you along, but I am glad I didn't because my one complaint is that the movie was REALLY loud.

Co- I'm congratulating you even though I don't know what r.e. is.

I'll ask Jest. She'll know. Reproductive Empowerment?

I'll do a happy dance nonetheless.

Co said...


Lo has two infections in one ear: an inner ear infection (probably a remnant of a cold) and an outer ear infection (swimmer's ear). Thus, the intense pain.

An R.E. is a reproductive endocrinologist. I don't know if people who use KDs use reproductive endocrinologists at all, or if they use other doctors for testing and whatnot. But if you guys decide you need one, I can tell you about the clinic I went to. They seem pretty on the ball, even if they have the feel of a baby-making factory to them.

Jest said...

Many sympathies to Lo. Ear infections are miserable things. Knock wood, I haven't had one since the one where my eardrum burst. I think that was in 2001. It was verrrry gross, but I was a bit consoled when I got to see the inside of my ear on video when they did the testing. (Yeah, I'm weird like that.) Get well soon, Lo.

And go, Family O, for moving ahead on this fertility thing!

Calliope said...

Lo- Hope you are feeling better soon. What a crappy way to spend the 4th!

Co- UPDATE please!!! I can't wait to hear how it went!

Clare said...

How did your appointment go? Hope the ear ache is better!