Tuesday, October 10, 2006

If You've Never Seen It, It's New to You

The subject line is from a ridiculous advertising campaign NBC (I think) had one year when their regular schedule went into reruns. They were hoping to lure viewers to their reruns by saying, "If you haven't seen it, then it's new to you." True, but for those of us waiting for new episodes, it's still a rerun.

On that note, the FamilyO is buying a new car. Well, not a new car, but it'll be new-to-us. I live in a city where few people have cars. The public transportation is awesome, so most people don't need one. But when I moved here, I already owned my car free and clear. And I needed it to drive home to visit my grandmother all the time, and she lived 1.5 hours away in a place with no public transportation. So, I kept my car. I figured if I got rid of it, I'd never buy a new one so I might as well use it up.

Well, my car is pretty well used up. But Lo and I, hoping to be a FamilyO of 3 some day, really do use the car. Lo can even drive now, having gotten her driver's license a year and a half ago (she'd never had one before). So, it's time to trade the car in and get a new-to-us car. A gently used car would be ideal.

So, we'll have a new baby soon for certain. But it'll be a car.

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Calliope said...

wow! do you have one in mind?