Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Hopeful One

So, Lo has twice now pointed out that we should not go visit her family next weekend because I'll be getting my period then and it'll be too depressing a weekend to see the new nephew.

I find it sad that Lo... always the hopeful one... has decided this cycle is a bust already.

I also find it sad that we're BOTH feeling hopeless this early in the TWW. I like it better when it's just me saying stuff about how it didn't work.


vee said...

I know that planning your life around expecting the worst and thinking how to protect yourself fromt he fallout is a horrible feeling. I'm so sorry that you are both feeling down about this cycle.

Grrlscout said...

I'm sorry, Co. The waiting does suck, and I am one who lives in the camp of expect the worst, and be surprised otherwise. J. and I have swapped optimist/pessimist roles throughout this first cycle, but I'd say now we are both feeling pessimistic.

That said, god knows none of us can predict our fortunes. This cycle may very well be the one that works, and I really hope you guys get good news.

Calliope said...

hey- maybe Lo is doing that reverse shrinking thing on you. REALLY she just wants to be alone with you to celebrate your positive test.

I hate it when cycle dread begins to creep in. It's like effing whiplash.
xo to you both.

charlotte said...

I know. I feel like I am finally converting S to my pessimistic ways, and then I'm like wait I didn't mean to!!

Amy said...

How can we not think it won't work when the waiting is so freaking D R A W N out!??!!

There must be some psychology of the TWW somewhere.

Hang in there.