Friday, December 22, 2006

8 DPO Distraction: 6 Weird Things about Co

I was tagged by E. to do the 6 Weird Things meme, so here it is.

I could probably come up with many more than 6 weird things about me. I'm a weirdo. The muppet I identify with most is Gonzo.

1. I like math a lot. I once played a game called 24, the algebra and exponents version, on the plane with my friend R. for 3 hours straight. We were on our way to a math conference. I celebrate Pi Day every 3/14 at 1:59 P.M. (Pi equals 3.14159...) Now, liking math a lot does not make me weird, but I'm in the minority, I know, and I bet lots of folks think it's weird.

2. I don't like sweets. I never have. I always turn down dessert, except when forced or if there's something a little more savory than sweet offered. I didn't eat chocolate for 20 years of my life (I thought I was allergic...wrongly... I tested allergic as a kid, but I was probably allergic to an impurity in the test, not to chocolate per se), and when I finally could eat chocolate, I didn't become a chocoholic. I suspect it's partially genetic, because my brother doesn't like sweets either.

3. I am obsessed with sharks. I love sharks. Every single Shark Week, I am glued to the Discovery Channel. Poor Lo tolerates this. When I was a little girl, I used to go around telling everyone that I was going to be an "ickyologist." I guess saying "icthyologist" was too hard for me and besides fish are icky, aren't they?
How did I get warped like this? Well, it dates back, I think, to when I was 2. My parents really wanted to go see Jaws. But my babysitter flaked. Rather than cancel their plans, they took me to see it. They figured I'd sleep through it. Um... no! I paid attention the whole time. And I had a grand time. I loved it. My dad thought to himself, "She doesn't know what is happening. She just likes the moving pictures and pretty colors." I didn't see another movie for a little while, until my dad took me to see Pete's Dragon. I screamed in terror, "It's a dragon! It's gonna eat me! It's gonna eat me!" My dad had to take me outside and calm me down and convince me, "No, it's a good dragon." So, I believed him and we went back in. "Oh, there are scary, bad people trying to hurt the good dragon! Scary people!" At that point, my father took me home. To this day, I have never watched Pete's Dragon in its entirety. Shudder.

4. I am a morning person. We're a minority (like math people), so I guess it makes me weird. I like being up early. I am chipper in the mornings, and do my best work then. I have learned not to be too cheerful around the majority of folks who feel and look like death in the mornings... at least until after they've had a cup of coffee or tea.

5. I can move one pupil in one eye while keeping the other one stationary. I get double vision when I do and it happens sometimes involuntarily when my eyes are tired.

6. I can do one cool 80s dance move. It's the one where you squat down on one leg and swing the other leg around and around, jumping on the other foot each time it comes around, and balancing on your hands. I can still do that one. I also used to be able to put my foot around the back of neck, but I'm too old now and not as limber as I used to be.

So, those are my weird facts. I don't know who has or hasn't done this, so I tag anyone who hasn't yet done it and wants to.


ms.bri said...

Interesting. My extreme fear of sharks also comes from the Jaws movies. One of them starts with a scene at a pool party. My parents were watching it on video and I came in the room. I asked what they were watching and they said, "Jaws 2" or whatever it was. I knew abut that scary picture on the Jaws movie poster and turned around and left the room. But not before my brain somehow linked the shark and the swimming pool, becoming quite certain that the shark was going to surface IN the pool. I don't think he does, but it has made it difficult for me to go underwater ever since. Discovery Channel shark week is like a nightmare for me. Sometimes I watch the shows to try to desensitize myself but I only end up more terrified.

J said...

Please never ever ever do #5 around me. I have an issue with weird eye things. Rolling back eyelids is perhaps my least favorite thing that a body can do, ever. Really.

Calliope said...

omg - I love Gonzo too! How amazing is Muppets From Space?!?!?

& how is it that we never saw that dance move at the convention???

Mo said...

I love math, but I'm not a real math geek. As a chemistry teacher, I'm supposed to celebrate Mole Day on October 23, but I always forget. When I first read #5, I thought you were talking about your amazing control over students (pupils). Of course I was floored.

Co said...


When I was in high school, I had a stuffed animal that was a mole. I named it Avogadro.

What do you do on Mole Day? On Pi Day, we have been known to... hold a contest to see who can list the most digits of pi from memory, crack pi jokes, sing the parody "American Pi", perform a scene from the O.J. Simpson trial in which an expert witness was discredited because he didn't know what the value of pi (TRUE!), and oh yeah, eat all kinds of different pies.