Sunday, December 03, 2006

Clomid Cannot Be Recycled

So, yesterday, I was flipping out because I couldn't find my freaking last 2 Clomid.

We keep all our scrips in one corner of our kitchen counter. Because I get so few pills with the Clomid, the pharmacist doesn't put the pills in a little medicine bottle. He just puts the pills, still in their wrappers, in a bag for me and staples the relevant info to the bag.

The bag was not there. I checked on the floor. I checked everywhere. It was gone.

I asked Lo if she had thrown the bag out thinking it was just an empty bag. She insisted that she had not done so.

Um... it was in the recycle bin. In our kitchen still, thank goodness.

So, all is well. Maybe it was done by little gnomes that don't want us to get pg. But, I suspect, it was my wife, even if she doesn't remember doing it. I love you, Lo.


Lo said...

It was THE GNOMES!!!

e. said...

Yikes! Glad you found it. Damn gnomes!

J said...

Ha. Damn gnomes.

On the serious, I don't know what NY insurance/your insurance covers, etc....but I've got a current stockpile of the dreaded "C," free for the taking. Though, you know, you so won't need it.

J said...
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Estelle said...

We've got some laying around too that was never used, and I imagine will expire before we use it (if it hasn't already) if you want it. Or we might have given it away. Ah hell, I don't know.
Glad that whatever gnome did it was kind enough to plant the bug in your ear to look there.