Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Mean Man and Brunch

This morning, walking down a street in my neighorhood, I walked by an old man smoking a cigar. I coughed as the smoke hit me. I didn't cover my mouth. For the record, I always cover my mouth when I cough or sneeze. I am the queen of considerate. Really, my GM trained me well. But, this cough hit me with no warning and my hand didn't get up there. So, I just coughed.

The snoking man nastily said to me, "Cover your mouth when you cough!"

I was not in a good place today. Not at all. My emotions were raw; my tolerance was low. So, I turned and asked, "Excuse me?"

He told me that not covering one's mouth is the main way germs are spread and called me a slob. The slob comment really got my goat--namecalling was totally uncalled for--so I yelled back, "Fuck you" loudly and angrily.

I actually was in such a bad place and in such a bad mood that I started crying. Then, I chased after the mean man and told him that it was his cigar smoke that made me cough in the first place and he'd made me cry on a very bad day and he should stop blowing smoke in people's faces if he doesn't want their germs. I was so furious with him. He really didn't need to start something with me.

I don't usually care so much. I live in an urban area where people say obnoxious and nosy and nasty things all the time. I usually let it slide off. But today I couldn't. And I sat down on the sidewalk and sobbed afterward. I sobbed on the train the whole ride into the city. It was really unlike me. And I was still boiling over with anger afterwards. I wanted to go spit in the man's face. How'd he like those germs?

I just couldn't let it go. It was needlessly hurtful on a day when I really couldn't take any undue hurt, nd it was TOTALLY HIS FAULT THAT I COUGHED!!!!!!!! I am not sick. I'm an asthmatic who coughs when exposed to second-hand smoke.

Anyway, I eventually calmed down. We got together with Sophia for brunch and met the infamous Steve the horse. Brunch was fun.

I can't believe how short my fuse was today. What the hell is wrong with me?


art-sweet said...

Oh boy. He deserved every word and then some. This process is painful and exhausting. And I could be totally wrong, but I get the impression that you don't always allow your emotions to sink in. Clean up, move on, be logical? And so when they do they hit you like a ton of bricks?

Please feel free to tell me I'm full of shit here.

Melody said...

If you need to take out your TTC frustrations on someone, at least you took them out on someone who deserved to be yelled at.

ms.bri said...

I have so been there. I HATE when strangers make me cry but it definitely happens. I am sorry he was mean. You did well.

Mo said...

Definitely nothing is wrong with you and don't feel guilty about giving that man a piece of your mind. My dad is a cigar smoker who doesn't really understand the impact of his smoke on others, so I immediately connected him with this man, but my dad would never say something as crazy as that to another person. Maybe he just got kicked out of the house for smoking and then took it out on you. Who knows. And I liked your poem. Keep writing them.

Sophia said...

i'm glad you let it all out and that Steve partied in Brooklyn on New Year's