Saturday, December 02, 2006

Photo Friday: G is for Games and Ghostbusters

My "long-lost brother" ... the one who never can be bothered to call me on my birthday or anything ... called me up again this past week. (Did hell freeze over? This is the second call in 2 weeks!)

He wanted to know if I knew where he could buy this game, Po-Ke-No.

Teach Your Children to Gamble Early

My grandmother used to have a weekly Po-Ke-No game with the old ladies in my family. They would play for pennies, literally. They each came with a huge bag of pennies. Sometimes, they let me play, too, even though I wasn't a senior citizen. I can still remember when, in the midst of a Po-Ke-No game, one of my great aunts asked my GM, in Italian, if I'd gotten my period yet and my GM said no and the woman said something about the fact that I was old enough to have gotten that by now and so on. Of course, since they reverted to Italian, I was not meant to understand this conversation. But I did. Oh the joy.

So, anyway, I love the fact that Po-Ke-No bills itself as the "thrill of Poker and the suspense of Keno." Then they show a cute little family, with little kids playing. Teach your children to gamble early! That's all I have to say.

Actually, I didn't realize that some people considered gambling to be a sin until I moved down south. I guess the Roman Catholics I grew up knowing... with their Bingo games and trips to Atlantic City... never really bought into that.

Po-Ke-No Card

So, back to my brother. I told him I'd saved our GM's Po-Ke-No game and if he wanted it, he was welcome to it. I never play it. I made him promise not to destroy it though. He reminded me that he let me have our father's Air Force jacket, which is true. I don't know why I love that green jacket with my surname emblazoned on it, but I do.

G is also for this weird car that resides in my neighborhood, which I call the Ghostbusters car. It's hard to see from these pics, because I didn't want to show the phone number on the front or back of the car and because I took them at night, but it's a car that says "wildlife control" on it.

Who Ya Gonna Call

Can anyone else see why I call it the Ghostbusters car?

Ghostbusters Car_Cropped

Park close at your own risk, indeed.


FosterMommy said...

I loved that car! It used to park on our block all the time and I totally called it the Ghostbusters car, too! probably for all the same reasons. ;)

Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Sophia said...

i want a raccoon in my apt just to get the car to come