Thursday, December 14, 2006

Try #4 (IUI #3): Tiger Fish


So, we had our IUI today. I felt really positive about it. Not that that necessarily means it will yield the result we want or anything, but it was a sharp contrast to the last one. The last one was during a time of high stress for me and I don't think I ovulated at an optimal time. And I really felt like it wasn't going to work from the get go, which just is not at all fun.

This go'round, I was very mellow and not stressed, and I think our IUI was timed well.

59 million sperm, motility 72% (whatever that means, but the lab tech was impressed).

This try is named after the striped fish in the tank at the lab. It was a little purplish, unlike the photo I put above, but it had black stripes. We're calling this try "tiger fish."

So, anyway, I'm joining those of you already in the TWW.


e. said...

Welcome to the TWW club! I am soooooo hoping this is the magical one for you!

Mo said...

Go swimmers go!

Gretch said...

Welcome to the TWW! Swim tiger fish, swim!

Grrlscout said...

Co. We are so hoping this is the one. You guys deserve it!

charlotte said...

Those are VERY impressive numbers for frozen sperm. Really. I mean seriously. They say it doesn't matter as long as the numbers are above a certain amount, but I think that is crap and it does matter. I hope so much that this try works.

ms.bri said...

YAY! I hope the holidays help this 2WW go by faster.

I wish I knew my numbers - they don't seem to measure such things at little Midwood doctor. They just say, "Yep. Looks fine." It was sometimes rather unreassuring. But I guess they were right.

Melody said...

72% motility! Holy crap! We're happy when we get 50%.

Good luck! We join you tomorrow.

Calliope said...

hey guys!
Sorry I am late for the tiger fish party- but I wanted to make sure you knew I was sending lots of love your way!
#4 is it!