Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In My Non-TTC World...

So, I want to distance myself a little from my last post, so here are a few things I found recently.

I know a bunch of you are teachers or former teachers. And if you're anything like Lo and me, there is nothing you hate more than Hollywood's feel-good teacher movie. Most recently, we have been bombarded with the annoying trailer for the Hillary Swank vehicle Freedom Writers. Gag. Hack.

There was a great op-ed in the NY Times by a public school teacher in the Bronx about why such movies are far from reality. You need a free registration if you're not already registered to read it, which I know some people won't do. But I figured I'd mention it. It's quite funny and makes a lot of great points about the Myth of the Great Teacher and how students don't need maverick heroes as much as they need safe schools with adequate funds and supplies, and teachers who are expected to be professionals, not martyrs.

I also saw an off-Broadway play last weekend. The title should reveal why I was interested... Victoria Martin: Math Team Queen. It's about the first girl ever to join the Longwood High School math team. She is a popular girl who doesn't really want to be there at first, but has quite an aptitude for math and eventually gets into it. There are subplots involving the secrets the five characters are keeping, including one male character who has a secret crush on another male member of the team.

It's being sponsored by the Women's Project, which aims to provide more opportunities for women in theater, to showcase their talents and abilities as playwrights, directors, and producers.

It was a very funny and cute play, so I'd recommend it. How can you not love a play in which a girl recites digits of pi when she's angry or upset? A little pi makes everything better!


Calliope said...

I always wonder who is going to see these movies. Clearly not the teachers & I doubt any students.

Holly said...

my mother is a superintendent who used to be a educational consultant (assertive discipline workshops) in these schools that they portray in those movies. she always groaned about them.
When I was younger (before my pre-law school stint as a high school teacher), I didn't understand why she was so critical.