Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mah Jongg Is the New Black

So, I have to admit, that I was pretty pleased with my Sperm Emails post. I feel like I've been a big downer post-wise (and in real life) for a while now, and I enjoyed that the Sperm Emails post was light and silly.

What truly surprised me though was that so many of you commented about how much you love Mah Jongg. Who knew?

So Monday night, we had our first Mah Jongg lessons with the girls (all of us in our late 20s-mid 30s). Between our bams and our craks and our dots and our dragons, we talked about how Mah Jongg wasn't just for little old ladies any more. My friend LM drew a parallel between Mah Jongg and knitting... how when we were growing up, we'd be most likely to associate knitting with our grandmothers and Great Aunt Antoinette, but now it's downright trendy to knit. I remember years ago finding it weird that amidst the pricey boutiques, coffee houses, and hip bars in my neighborhood, there were suddenly new, small shops opening up with yarn from floor to ceiling along every wall.

Mah Jongg was fun. Next game in two weeks.

- - - -

In TTC news, our sperm is still in the living room and we are waiting for ovulation. It's CD19 and I haven't ovulated yet. I typically ovulate between CD17-20 without a trigger shot, although I have ovulated as late as CD23 and CD24 before. Based on my chart so far, I see no reason to think that I won't ovulate very soon. But I did have delayed ovulation the time we tried with KD-barely-in-the-country, so I'm aware that nothing is for certain.

When Lo and I were trying to decide if we should go ahead with an at-home insem, I had one requirement. It was that if my body doesn't do what we want it to do (ovulate before the liquid nitrogen tank runs out), then so be it. This is still my break. Next month I'll be under the microscope with Dr. Quick and Nurse Poker Face and who knows who else peering into and critiquing my insides. This month, I need a break from that. And even if my body doesn't do what I want it to do, I need to feel that that's okay. I need to not feel anger toward my body this cycle.

Speaking of microscopes, we have one of those fertility microscopes that helps you detect ovulation by looking for ferning patterns. I assume some of you have used it. I tried using it for the first time this week, even though we've had it for some time. Geek that I am, I thought it was pretty cool. But I haven't quite figured out how to interpret it yet, and I keep forgetting to do it first thing in the morning. It's reminding me of how hard it used to be for me to take my temp every morning. Now, it's so routine and I'm so in tune with my body that it is just something I do. It's interesting to look back at how hard it used to be now.

I've also finally convinced Lo to start charting, which is a huge relief for me. I think some of my angst has centered on the fact that even though we technically have another uterus (one that wants to be pg some day), since Lo has never even charted, all of our hopes really are riding on me. I have been feeling like if we need to jump to our second uterus, we're completely unprepared to do so. So, I am glad she has started charting. For the peace of mind, as well as because now that's something we share, too.


J said...

I would so play/learn mah jongg with you.

I'm glad that you're still seeing this as a break - and that it's not the actual inseminating, but the being under the thumb of medical practicioners who aren't always the most wonderful (though, sometimes they are) that causes so much of the stress. I'd tend to agree with that.

Melody said...

We had one of those microscopes. I've found the pee sticks more reliable, even though I too thought the ferning was really cool. FYI-- do not run that thing under water to wash it. We did that and got water under the lens. Once that happens, it's useless.

Just curious-- are you planning to do an at-home IUI with washed sperm, or are you going with just an ICI? Vanessa watched very closely at our last RE-insemination, and she thinks she can handle an at-home IUI now. Just wondered if anyone else is trying this.

vee said...

Apparently you can get the liquid nitrogen in those tanks topped up - might be worth looking into, then you can keep it in the living room until your body is ready for it - I'm sure SOMEONE out there can tell you how to go about it.

Good luck with your chilled out cycle and have fun with the microscope!

Co said...


We're planning to do two at-home ICIs with unwashed sperm.


I seem to recall grrlscout doing the top off thing. I appreciate the suggestion and if we were doing at-home ICIs as our main way of insemming, I'd be inclined to do it. But this cycle, I'm not willing. Since this is my month off, if my body doesn't do what we want, then I'm more inclined just to say, "Oh well." I really need to not stress and make myself nuts this cycle... especially since I know no amount of chasing the dream or self-deprivation or whatever will make it work.

But I totally appreciate the suggestion.

ms.bri said...

I so know what you mean about temping becoming second nature. The one thing I have followed rules about is not temping while pregnant either time, since it really does seem to drive people over the edge. But I only just took it away from its pride of place on my nightstand after the latest ultrasound. Feels weird not to see it there each night.

Sophia said...

personally if i could generate enough heat to melt my thermometers i would.

the saliva scope i liked it to but it got so crazy. I was told by others that the best thing was to drool onto the lens because the finger could break up the ferning and to use lens cleaner and to let it dry comletely and to sit in a dark room to look at it and that was it for me.

although the ferning was kinda cool

and i so want to play mah jongg

e. said...

The other partner charting is quite an issue in our house. Twice A. has started. The first time in support if me. The second in prep for when I quit. Yet so far she has not completed a full cycle...and has a begun to understsand how hard it is for me. At first I was angry that she did not stick it out, and now I am starting to accept that her trying to chart has begun the process of her figuring out if she every will really try. And she is leaning towards not. :( In the worst case scenario I think she would.

Co, I hope you find comfort in Lo charting and I hope Lo has the patience to get through the first sveral months, which in my opion they are the hrdest.

Oh, and good luck this month!