Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Week of Breakage, Jaw Droppers

It's been one of those weeks when things in your apartment decide to break on you. First, the oven (a baker's nightmare). Now, the cable. So, I have dates with repairmen all week, which pushes my work hours later and later into the night.

- - - - - -

I want to start keeping a list of things people say to me while TTC that make my jaw drop a bit. Here's my start.

A close friend of mine (CF) is TTC with no known fertility probs and fresh sperm (she hasn't yet conceived after the same number of tries that I've had). Our mutual friend, who is sort of TTC (in the "let's see what happens" camp) recently said two things about CF in front of me:

"I hope CF gets pregnant before either of us do."

"CF is really hard core about it. She bought ovulation predictors."

I don't think I need to even explain why those comments were jaw droppers. (For the record, I hope CF and I both get pregnant this month, AT THE SAME TIME. But I am not hoping she gets knocked up before I do, especially since she can afford to keep having sex with her honey for years, and I have a finite number of tries left before we decide to stop throwing money up my vajayjay and move on to Lo's. Since I only have so many shots at this, I want one of mine to work SOON! I want one of hers to work for her SOON, too. But... I am betting you all get what I mean.)


vee said...

Oooh!! Fumes. That reminded me of an article I read about Julia Robert's current pregnancy, where "Roberts reportedly told pals that the couple had tried everything from checking out her dates on the calendar, to taking her temperature, but once they had given up hope and stopped trying, nature took it's course."

Hard core my arse!

PS I hope you get a positive first!

J said...


Gotta love the insensitivity factor which only seems to increase when you're ttc.

Melody said...

Right up there with "Just relax. It'll happen when it's meant to." or "It'll happen when you least expect it." Bullshit!!

charlotte said...

people are so stupid.

are you going to test?

love to you both.

charlotte said...

sorry! it wont let me erase the duplicates!

Gretch said...

fingers crossed that this month is your month!

ms.bri said...

Oh, puke. Giant puke. I hate shit like that. I wouldn't have been able to keep my mouth shut and would have needed to point out the error of her thinking. I do that a lot, especially after the m/c when people kept saying how they were sure it would work again quickly and I needed to point out that I couldn't just hop into bed and make another one. There's money involved. Dammit.