Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Obsessions

Okay, well Mah Jongg is my biggest new obsession really.

But other than that, I have two new tv obsessions...

Season 1 of the S*pranos which Lo got me as a gift has been really fun for me. In part, I love it just to have a chance to hear phrases I haven't heard since my GM and her elderly Italian brothers and sisters died. Phrases I only ever heard them use.

One of the characters at one point, says to someone else, "Your sister's ass." It's like telling someone they're full of sh*t. My GM used to say that to my brother all the time. However right she was that he was full of sh*t, I always took that as a personal insult since I was his sister. I often responded, "What does my ass have to do with it?"

Tony Soprano's mother reminds me of my GM so much. Don't get me wrong. Tony's mother is not a loving person, and my GM, for all her craziness, was very loving. But my GM was not above sighing and saying, "I wish that God would take me now." All the time. Oh, GM. I miss her. This month was her birthday month.

My other new interest (not quite an obsession) is the tv game show, "Are You Sm*rter than a Fif*h Grader?" It's a program on which they take questions from elementary school textbooks and ask adults to answer them. The adults get a certain number of opportunities to cheat off of the 10-year-olds on the show. So far, the adults have really been quite unimpressive, missing some really basic questions. The first contestant used all his cheats and then dropped out of school, which is what they call it when you take the money and leave the game (he got $5000 because the kids could answer the questions correctly. He didn't get a single question on his own. Like, he didn't know that Andrew Johnson was the first president to be impeached, despite having majored in U.S. History in college. Madonna! [another phrase my GM used a lot and that is said by characters in both the Sopranos and the Godfather, pronounced more like Muh-thawn than like the pop singer's name])

Back to the game show, as a former fifth grade teacher, I think it's just such a cute show. I can imagine 10-year-olds sitting at home laughing gleefully that they know the answers that the adults don't know. Of course, what it really shows, too, is how seldom used a lot of the info we learn in school is when we're adults. But it's awfully cute nonetheless. Lo and I decided they would never let teachers or former teachers on the show though. We'd do too well.

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