Monday, March 05, 2007

CD6: So Far, So Good with Edit

So, on CD6, I already have a 14 mm follie on the right and a 10 mm follie on the left, plus smaller follies.

In fact, I may be responding so well to the Follistim that they may be lowering my dosage. I have to wait for the nurse to call me and let me know after she sees the results of my blood work. Since I am doing an IUI, we don't want too many follies to grow, which is why we might lower the dosage. I am also starting on Ganirelix tomorrow to prevent me from ovulating early.

Next appointment on Thursday--more blood drawn and another u/s. Hopefully, things will continue to go well.

And I totally get what Cali said about how she liked Follistim better than pills because it makes you feel like you have more control. I definitely feel more in control this cycle, and that's been so rare in this process. So, I'm going to enjoy it.

The headaches continue. But I'll live.

EDIT: So, after seeing my bloodwork results, I have been told to reduce my Follistim dosage, start the Ganirelix today (not tomorrow) and go back in in on Wednesday (not Thursday).

So, now I am curious about what my estradiol levels were, not that I'll understand them. I'll try to find out on Wednesday.


Melody said...

I didn't know they could give you something to prevent you from ovulating early! That's awesome! How does that work? Details!

veeandjay said...

That's great news - worth the headaches!

e. said...

Great news...I am so glad you are feeling in control and happy with this cycle! Change can be a great thing.

Fingers crossed.

Trista said...

I'm here! I've caught up! Yay for feeling more in control!

Calliope said...

yay! I KNEW you would like injects!! There is math involved!!
What was your E2 level? I can e-mail you my levels for my inject cycles if you want. I know everyone is different but you can see how the levels changed. With IUI's they don't want ginourmous levels. At time of surge you should have an E2 that is 100-200 per mature follie.

charlotte said...

I am so glad you are back at it. Phew.