Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Didn't Expect It to WORK!

I went into injectibles like... yeah, why will this work for me? Natural cycles didn't. Clomid didn't (okay my first cycle on Clomid was good, but my second only produced 2 eggs from very slowly growing follies, which I was led to believe was not a good sign). I may as well try injectibles just to say I tried everything. That was my attitude.

I didn't expect it to work. I really didn't. Now I'm kind of terrified. But um... it is really working.

My E2 levels on CD6 were over 500 (way high), which explains why they started suppressing me with the Ganirelix right away.

I had 5 follies between 13-16 mm yesterday.

Doctor Quick brought up switching me to IVF this cycle because of the risk of scary multiples. Yesterday, he thought I would get 5 mature eggs out of this cycle. He leveled with me and said that it was unlikely that I'd face scary multiples. I mean, I once had 3 mature eggs likely released and I didn't get pg. So, 5 eggs doesn't mean I'll end up with triplets or quads, or even a positive pg test. But he told me I needed to consider the possibility.

Um, it is STILL working. They are not slow growing on the Follistim.

Today I had 8 follies between 13-17 mm. Augh! I can't give you exact measures because I started wigging out after he counted 4 follies on the right and everything dropped out of my short-term memory.

Dr. Quick thought it would still be okay, and said we would do an IUI probably on Sunday, since I told him I don't want to convert this cycle to an IVF cycle.

I feel kind of stupid that I didn't seriously consider the risks of scary multiples before starting injectibles. I think a large part of it was that I truly expected to get such a lackluster response from the injects, so I didn't even think about it. Me? Get a lot of eggs? I should be so lucky!

Um, I am.

Lo and I had a long talk about selective reduction. I realize this is jumping the gun. I am fully expecting, despite having several mature eggs and thusly several chances to get pg, that I will get my requisite BFN at the end of this cycle. But I still think it's important to know where we stand about selective reduction before we go any further. Lo and I are in synch with how we feel about it.

As for IVF, I don't feel able to get my head around it enough to switch to it mid-cycle, even though Dr. Quick said that was a possibility (a possibility that would allow us to avoid scary multiples, by only transferring 2 embryos if I wanted). But I really feel like before I could ever do IVF, I would need to be mentally prepared, and I'm not psyched up for it right now. But now that I know that injectibles could actually WORK for me, I think I am unwilling to risk an injectibles IUI after this one. I would feel a lot more comfortable if we could limit the number of eggs we're dealing with, and IVF is one way to do that. Another way would be to go back to doing Clomid IUIs. I am so not doing an injectible IUI ever again. This is too nerve wracking.

But I can't believe that I am seriously considering trying IVF after only 4 IUIs, especially since that notion seemed so ludicrous to me a short while ago and I was so grateful to all of you for agreeing with me. It didn't help that Dr. Quick told me that for someone my age, the odds of getting pg with IVF were 60%. Can you imagine having odds that are actually IN YOUR FAVOR for getting pg? I can't. I also learned that up to 3 IVF cycles will be covered my health insurance (feel free to throw rotten tomatoes at me now). Combine that with the fact that injects seem to work for me and well, I am going to seriously consider IVF now. I'm not saying I'll do it. But it's a serious consideration.

I can't believe the things I am willing to consider. If you'd asked me in July if I would ever consider doing injectibles, I would have laughed at you. Sure, Clomid, maybe. But injectibles? No way. Too hard core for me. It's incredible how much I've changed.

It's also incredible how bloated I am. I can't wait to trigger. Going back to the R.E.'s tomorrow.


Melody said...

OK. I was getting all geared up to tell you not to write off injectables and to consider just having your dosage dialed back. Not throwing rotten tomatoes (yet), but holy crap. Your insurance will pay for IVF?! No wonder you're considering not doing another injectables cycle. I'd probably feel the same way.

Vanessa and I have had the selective reduction talk, too. I've been really surprised at how judgmental other "infertiles" can be about it. To me, selective reduction is not only about protecting your own health-- it's about giving your baby/babies the best possible chance. I'm kind of surprised that your RE is still willing to do an IUI this month with eight follicles. Did he do another estradiol check to see if the new players are likely to be viable eggs, too?

In any case, I'm excited for this cycle for you, and I'm one day behind with you with an IUI tentatively planned for Monday. Good luck!!

Gretch said...

wow! exciting news and big decisions! fingers crossed that this cycle works for you!

Estelle said...

Uh.... wow.
You're brave. I wouldn't do it. But if you do it, I hope it yields 2-3 happy healthy children (or whatever your max comfort level is).
And wow on the 3 IVF. I'd totally go that route, too, if it was being paid for and controlled the risk of high order multiples.

SandraMort said...

*hugs* and held breath that you get exactly what and how many you want.

Co said...


I don't think I'm getting 8 eggs out of this. My R.E. is aggressive, but he has his limits. I think he is doing some mental math based on follie size and E2 levels and figuring out how many mature eggs I'm likely to get. I think that number--which is less than 8--is what he is thinking of when he says he thinks it will be okay. He may still cancel this cycle if it gets too scary. I have to go back tomorrow.

Gretch, Estelle, and Sandy.

Thanks for your good thoughts. And for the record. I want ONE BABY. Please. Just one. That's all I want. I am thinking of each egg as an additional chance to conceive that one baby. If you want to think positive thoughts, please imagine me with one baby. Thanks. :-) (I'm not saying I couldn't survive twins or such, but ideally, I'd like one baby.)

Trista said...

Wow. No tomatoes here. Not one single tomato. But I am thinking that maybe I should switch to injectibles myself... after all, my ovaries have already been classified as poor responders. But my RE wanted to give femara a couple good tries... this might have me pushing him harder, though.

Mo said...

Wowsers! Exciting news! I hope that this cycle is the one that gets you pg, but if it gets too scary, it's great that you have an alternative. Can't wait to hear more.

Calliope said...

hot damn this all sounds exciting!
yay for a kick ASS response

Anonymous said...

Great response! Congratulations.

As someone who just triggered four mature follicles (with another four close ones), I'm all about upping one's chances.

It just HAS TO mean something good for this cycle, right?

You are smart to consider selective reduction. I'm pretty much in denial that we'll ever come to that bridge.

Good luck!