Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's A...

I think we were both afraid to admit how much we wanted that outcome. Not that we wouldn't have been happy with two boys -- I was convinced, from the time we found out Jo was a boy, that that's what we'd have -- but it's exciting to think we'll have a daughter.

I've come to think of myself as a "boy mom." Even though I originally couldn't imagine having a son, now having a daughter will take some getting used to.

I also think that Bobbie's profile looks like my sister. If the pictures look decent once they're scanned, I'll post them. The pix we got from my two almost-nuchals are fuzzy and nowhere near as good as all the shots we have of Jo, which is possibly due to my excess padding. Oh, well, hopefully she'll photograph well on the outside.

Also likely as a result of my extra padding, I actually have to go back for more scanning because, during the Level II/anatomy scan (that revealed the girl parts) the doctor couldn't see the heart properly. He sent me downstairs to the pediatric cardiologist, who poked around for a while and then invited me back in a week and a half. Fortunately, my midwife warned me that precisely this scenario might happen, so we're not too worried. Everything the two doctors could see looked perfectly fine.

In other news, Jo climbed out of his crib tonight. Crap. (As Co said, why did we enroll him in that gymnastics class??) Any thoughts on crib tents? Worth it or not?

Monday, November 02, 2009


So here's what has surprised me about this version of pregnancy:

I'm very self-conscious. I always thought I would love the attention, love being "special." Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the excuse to have Co climb on the kitchen stepstool and let me sleep late. But I have found it very difficult to tell people that I'm knocked up. I couldn't wait to tell everyone when Co was pregnant; I chose the date (14 weeks) weeks in advance, wrote it in my planner, and leaked the news ahead of time to as many people as I dared. This time around I have only just finally managed to share the news with the world, at 20 weeks along.

On further consideration, it's actually characteristic that I would feel that way. As much as I often think I crave attention, I'm more of a behind-the-scenes-gal. I worked in radio production before I became a teacher, and you don't get much more behind-the-scenes than that.

Also, as I've mentioned, my body really hasn't changed, so it's easy not to mention. We have cute belly pix of Co starting at 10 weeks 5 days; I'm still not up to my first-pregnancy-appointment weight. I'd heard that redistribution is the pattern for us Large & Beautifuls, but still didn't expect it would be the case for me. I feel different -- it's not so easy to bend over, and I already have to pee a lot -- but even at the halfway point, my clothes are still loose.

In other news: we're signing the contract on our bigger, better apartment tomorrow! Then, it's on the to the coop board. Gulp.