Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photo Friday: Sun

This sunset picture came out nicely, though it isn't a photographic masterpiece. You can see the colors of the sunset, streaked in the sky and across the water; the striking contrast of the foliage turned black by the evening; the small valleys in the sand.

The reason I love this photo is not the colors or composition, but because it's a special place: the beach where Co and I have vacationed since we were a family of three (Mommy, Mama, and dachshund). Dogs are allowed on this beach, and Maggie loves it.
Sunset on Higbee Beach 3
I enjoy taking photographs, but for me the artistry is in the story behind the photo, a visual prop to my words. So I am thrilled to have Photo Friday as a crutch to ease me back into blogging. Thanks, as always, Cali.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Family History, In Chairs

Here is baby Cho, 5 months old, in the so-called "H____t Throne." The Throne belonged to my great-great-uncle D.(the brother of the great-grandmother I am named for). It's now in the home of my cousin M., my great-great-uncle's grandson. M. is also named for my great-grandmother (his great-aunt).

Our family is not always close or connected, emotionally or geographically. Sometimes it takes me by surprise that there are other people who know the characters in my mother's stories. So this picture has a lot of power for me.

Here is Cho a few months later in the red rocking chair that was mine as a child.