Friday, February 26, 2010

Skulking Back

I've let the blog go so long that now guilt and anxiety are interfering with posting. So I am going to acknowledge that, dispense with it, and move on. Because I really want to be writing here.

Since finding out that our little Bobbie is a girl (explanation for the Bobbie nickname is in this post of Co's) we haven't had all that much big news. I hate bulleted update posts, and I hope to return often enough so that I don't have to do them, but for now:

*I went back for a second scan of Bobbie's heart, and she's fine.

*Our big plans to have executed our move to a bigger apartment by the time Bobbie was born? Ha. We're still slogging along waiting for news from the coop board. We've figured out interim plans, and plans B, C, and D for if we don't get the apartment, so we'll be okay. But there were some tense days in there, let me tell you.

*Bobbie is, we hope, going to be born at home. That wasn't the original plan -- our midwife delivers at a hospital, but she started attending home births sooner than she'd planned. I am really, really happy/relieved with this change. I adore our midwife and initially made the choice to stay with her rather than pursue a home birth, but just as I was starting to feel some anxiety about delivering in a hospital, I discovered that home birth was an option. (My sister and I were both born at home so it feels like a logical/natural choice to me.)

*And, uh, this isn't really news, since the ticker is right at the top of the page staring us all in the face, but apparently Bobbie is coming soon. I'm in some denial about that and feeling eager to finish winding up my affairs at work, and nesting at home, so that I feel ready. But I suspect you never really feel ready for number two.

*Last but never least, Jo continues to be an absolute delight. At two, he is talking and singing and climbing and doing gymnastics all over the place. Here's a quick look:

Loving the snow (today was actually one of THREE snow days my school has had so far; good thing I don't care about those extra days in June....):

Rocking out at a friend's birthday party:

Awake at midnight to welcome the new decade, oh our little party animal: