Thursday, December 25, 2008

Parent Milestones

As usual, I have much to say and little time to say it. Hopefully I'll get to some of these posts in my mind over the break.

But for now:

Tonight we gave Jo his fifth Chanukah present (we've given him a little one each night -- thus far a package of socks [hey, it's a Jewish tradition], a light-up singing dreidl, a rubber ball, and a set of teething keys). It was two maracas, one red, one purple. He recognized them from his music classes, and his whole face lit up as he grabbed them and started to shake.

I want to see that look on his face, again and again and again.*

Here he is rocking his maracas.

*That's how kids get spoiled, isn't it. Oh, dear...


Bree said...

If giving him great things like maracas is spoiling him... I say go for it! You two are great moms, and he's a darling little boy.

two georgia mommies said...

Lulu LOVES maracas. They have them at her school and she will do just about anything to play with them. We finally got her a set and she is so excited every time she discovers them again.

Melody said...

SO. ADORABLE. And he doesn't look anywhere near spoiled to me. He looks like a happy active little boy. Happy holidays!