Saturday, June 04, 2011

Family History, In Chairs

Here is baby Cho, 5 months old, in the so-called "H____t Throne." The Throne belonged to my great-great-uncle D.(the brother of the great-grandmother I am named for). It's now in the home of my cousin M., my great-great-uncle's grandson. M. is also named for my great-grandmother (his great-aunt).

Our family is not always close or connected, emotionally or geographically. Sometimes it takes me by surprise that there are other people who know the characters in my mother's stories. So this picture has a lot of power for me.

Here is Cho a few months later in the red rocking chair that was mine as a child.

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Calliope said...

love it. And I love the history of the 1st chair.
The chair we rock W in is the chair I was rocked in by 3 generations of women- it makes you wonder about the memory of an object.

(happy to see you blog again!)