Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Parenting Life

So, I might be using this space again.

I really can't believe it's been more than five years, lots of medical procedures, and two children since I started this blog. I did it to participate in the online community I had discovered of other folks working on creating their families through alternative means. Almost none of those folks are blogging anymore, though I am still in touch with many of them. All of them have moved on to new phases in their family-building, with or without children included.

SInce 2006, people have migrated to different sorts of online communities. But none of them allow for the kind of long-winded musings that I prefer both to write and to read. And now, after four years of parenting, and experiencing both nonbiological and biological motherhood, I feel like I have a lot to say and to share. I think those conversations are still going on in some corners of the blogosphere, and I'd like to join in.

It's no coincidence that I'm composing these thoughts during spring break -- partially, of course, because it means I have the time, but partially because I am spending my days with 4-year-old Jo, and thinking so, so much about parenting and what it means to be a working parent. It's something I struggle with, because I love my job, and frankly don't particularly want to stay home; but I also miss seeing my kids. I leave early in the morning (by 7am) and get home by about 4:30, and it feels like the dinner/bath/bed routine begins so quickly. I have been loving the long, leisurely days with Jo, playing Lego, doing science experiments, running around the playground. He's been picking out his own clothes in the mornings because he wants to be "beautiful," a lengthy process that could never happen on a harried school day.

As a teacher, I am lucky to have these vacations, so I can truly live the best of both worlds. But the transition between the two lives always leave me pondering.

That's all for now. But hey there, other parents -- however you got there -- negotiating this crazy life. Let's talk.


Boo said...

I'm so glad you're back! I'm excited to hear all your thoughts about parenting. And I totally hear you on the difficulty of being a working mama.

Jen said...

We have a similar experience of living the SAH life during breaks but the WOH life most of the time, and I have similar thoughts. Although as much as I love my job I really wish I could be home more - not exclusively, but if my job were something I could do LESS, i.e. part time, it would be great. But it (school librarian, for thosw who don't know) doesn't lend so well to that, nor could we afford it.

Lo said...

Jen, yes, I so often wish I could be part-time -- but even aside from our finances, my job too (7th grade classroom teacher) is just not part-time.

Lo said...

Hi, Boo! When I try to click on your blog it says "protected" -- I'd love to connect. feel free to email me at familyo at earthlink dot net

nutella said...

Hello, we are still blogging, though not with as much frequency. Still reading what you have to say and loving your voice..