Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lo's Shrink Explains It All & Digital Camera Advice

Some people have told me that my "wail" post was not very lucid.

A clearer point: I have become the metaphorical "black sheep" of my family. I think this is funny and weird, because I'm really not a very radical person...I am a teacher who owns property (well, it's a co-op, so I own a photocopy of a stock certificate). I am a lesbian, but in a liberal family that espouses, well, liberalism.

Nonetheless, I have become invisible to them; I hear a lot of comments about how my wedding is "just like a real wedding" and it is going to be "easy" for me to have a baby.

Um, no. On both counts. I won't go into it, because this is the place where you all Get It.

And the more I challenge them, the more they resent me.

You can imagine a cycle starts here....

Anyway, back to food blogging and how cute our dachshund is. Did I mention she's cute?

And in the interests of showing you pictures of both (food & dachshunds) we are teetering on the edge of the digital camera divide. Please recommend brands and models here. (My only requirements: on the cheap side [but not crappy] and I really, really, really need a viewfinder instead of just an LCD screen.)

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Jest said...

First, I have to admit how lucky I am that I have seven siblings--it keeps my boring lesbian lifestyle from making me a black sheep (although my family does have some issues with my literal blackness... ah well, I can't have everything).

I'm mostly commenting so that I can ask you to remind me of your budget for the camera ("cheap" means different things to different people).

My main recommendations are these: 1: optical zoom is more important than megapixels (someone explained this to me, but it boils down to the fact that getting the picture closer is better than cropping the picture to get a smaller part of it, which is what digital zoom does).
2: get as much camera as you can afford, because you'll probably end up doing more things with it than you would with a film camera (it's much cheaper to take digital pictures when you're just experimenting, and I use zoom a lot now, when before, I just had point and shoot cameras)
3: check out epinions.com for people's reviews on cameras. It gives you a good idea of what's out there, and how it works out for people.

I'm pretty happy with our Panasonic Lumix, even though I'd gone to the store intending to get a Kodak Easyshare (came highly recommended, and my mother's has been working well for 6 years now). We've had bad luck with Fujifilm Finepix cameras in the past (they stop recognizing that the lens cap is open, and won't take any more pictures!).

I think I paid around $150 for our camera, and it's been doing well since February.

On the other hand, I've also been enjoying the camera and mini-camcorder on my phone. That's especially handy because I've always got it with me. And even though the lens is no good, it still takes decent pictures. So there's that option as well.

Have fun. Digital cameras are cool.