Monday, June 19, 2006

Embarrassing Question do you post photo sets from flickr, so that they appear both as links to the photo set, and images on their own accord?

Everyone else is doing it, and I've tried that whole "trial and error" thing.

Your reward for helping, of course, is the Lo & Co photo collection..... ;-)


Sarah and BB said...

Have you guys figured it out yet?

If not I'll email you the steps.

Can't wait to see your photos!!

J said...

in flickr, click on the photo you'd like to post.

Then, at the top, should be an icon that says "all sizes"

click on that. THEN, pick the size you want (small/medium work best with blogger)

The HTML code will be right there on the page for you to steal.

Trista said...

totally unrelated comment, but how's Son of a Witch. I've been wanting to read it but haven't yet.