Friday, June 23, 2006

Photo Friday: The Cutest Rainbow of All

Maggie the Family Dog

Here is our double-rainbow dachshund. The rainbow collar is her everyday attire. (I -- Lo -- searched far and wide for it and bought it at a big march in D.C. She has a skinny little neck.) The Family Dog T-shirt, though adorable, is a less common piece of attire for the simple reason that she hates clothing. We've decked her out in it more than once for the local Pride parade though. Oh, those evil mommies.

(Click the link above for more pix of Maggie in her rainbow-wear. Thanks, J!)

Speaking of the local Pride's a rainbow picture from there, as well.

Pride Rainbow in my City

If you click on this link, you will see the proud leader of our municipality with a rainbow flag. Yeah. Whatever. Maggie is much cuter.


Sarah and BB said...

Maggie looks so CUTE!!

Love the rainbow shirt and collar!

marci said...

Too cute!

Mackenzie is the model in the family. He loves to wear clothes, Scooter on the other hand is just too busy...