Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Help! An Interactive Post

So....we will not be able to get hepatitis test results on KD by this weekend.

Here is what we know: he is clean for HIV and STDs and he is monogamous (with his wife). There is no reason to think that he has hepatitis; he looked it up online and has been told by doctor friends that he would know if he'd had it.

But, we don't know.

Also, he is a smoker (of tobacco).

In addition to the obvious health risk, state law here forbids insemination to women with hepatitis.

There's a temptation to go ahead, since it seems awfully unlikely that he has hepatitis, and his sperm is, well, fresh. But would that be a very foolish risk to take?? Should we wait 'til October and just go frozen all the way?

Please advise.... (I know it's a decision we have to make for ourselves, but we're both wondering what the Internets have to say, especially health professionals...)


Sophia said...

depends on the hepatitis.

Hep A: food and water borne due to lack of sanitary facilitites. Can be treated with meds; feels like killer food poisoning.

Hep B and C: The big ones. Chronic. Asymptomatic for years. could lead to liver damage and failure. there is no treament for B and once you have it you're a carrier. no blood donations no fluid passing during sex. C could be treated with interfuron, a chemo drug for one year. I've seen what both can do in the work I did with HIV patients.

Hep D and E: rarer usually in developing nations. know little about it

Co said...

Hi, Sophia. Thanks for the advice.

From what I gather, this came up because KD lives in Egypt and sometimes eats the cheap food sold on the street. A doctor friend of his once stopped him and said, "Don't eat at places like that. You could get Hepatitis." KD eats at places like that all the time and has had high fever for over a week.

From what I've read, if he contracted Hep A and fought it off without diagnosis/meds, he's probably now immune and there's no danger.

J said...

Ok, so, like, I'm probably over-reactionary, but....personally? I'd wait till you could get test results and know that he's absolutely clean. Again that's just me.

A bit of an almost bigger concern is the smoking - studies have shown that smoking can significantly reduce sperm count in men. Not that you shouldn't use him, but it's something to be aware of.

Trista said...

me, I'd probably use him. Since it sounds like it's hepatitis A that's the concern.

Wait. Is the fever recent? If so...

if not, then I'd still use him. But that's just me. Certainly not going to be any judgment from me if you choose not to.

Lorem ipsum said...

I'm with J - play it safe. You'll sleep better waiting a few more days, even if it's at the expense of a one-month delay. Besides, we want you guys and your baby to have absolutely the best, healthiest start possible.

Good luck!

Calliope said...

Didn't he have to have proof of up to date vaccines to enter the country?

Before I could go to Africa I had to have all kinds of shots & I have heard that people (at least those I know traveling from Uganda) had to show proof of vaccine before entering U.S.

It would be a yellow card attached to his passport.

Maybeyou could get a quick turnaround test at an international travel clinic??

charlotte said...

I would probably do it. Fresh sperm is a good thing, and unless he or y'all think he is high to medium risk, I would go for it. But that is just me. You have this one shot, you know?

Sacha said...

Okay, I'm a little late, but I'll give you my professional opinion.

Hep A isn't chronic. You would get it, get sick, get treated and that's it. I've never seen hep A where I work.

Hep B & C. It's all about the risk factors. Sexual behavior. IV drug use. A lot of transfusions. Immunocompromised (HIV).

I don't see a lot of hep B at work. Mostly hep C and that's usually IV drug users (yes, Pamela Anderson, I really don't think it was a TATTOO NEEDLE).

We do occasionally see people with hep who don't fit the typical profile.

We insemmed without the HIV results with our KD. Because although he's queer, his risk factors behavior-wise are low (yes, US Gov, being queer in itself does not make you higher risk for having HIV).

It comes down to trust. All the testing in the world doesn't mean your KD won't go out tonight and do something that would put you at risk. If his lifestyle doesn't include a lot of risky behaviors, and it sounds like it doesn't, go for it. If he doesn't have an IV drug use history, go for it. If he's upfront, honest, and cares enough about you to NEVER place you at risk, go for it.