Friday, August 25, 2006

Photo Friday: Music, music, music!

These pictures are from a yearly folk festival that I (Lo) have been attending since I was nine years old. First with my parents, then with my friends (fostermama and fostermommy, Whimsy and Jest, and some other blogless folk), now with Co and our friends. Of course I dream of someday bringing my own children to this event...

This is Pete Seeger with his banjo. He's the organizer of the festival, and an icon to many. I grew up with his music.

This is Holly Near. I love Holly Near, which suggests that I was born just a bit too my defense, my (straight) mom listened to Holly Near while I was growing up and my sister and I went to many Holly Near concerts with our family.

Finally, here are people sitting beneath a willow tree, enjoying outdoor music. Bliss.

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Calliope said...

i LOVE the photo with everyone under the willow tree. that just seems like such a cool festival.