Friday, September 22, 2006

The Fat Lady's Warming Up...

Co's temp dipped today. Now we really have to decide who to order up from the bank...Scroll down to weigh in.

Oh, well. At least now I can say I've seen, you know, semen.


Co said...

What's with the continual use of the "fat lady" reference, Lo? I don't like it.

So, anyway, I wanted the word NOT PREGNANT in big sparkly letters with angels next to them (reference to a recent post on the Dos Mamas blog... don't mean to be insider/outsider if you don't know what I'm talking about).

Oh well. I'm disappointed, even though I knew it was coming... really, really knew. But oh well. At least I can take Allegra again.

Calliope said...

crap. I know you guys were doing the "it'd be a long shot" routine, but still...I'm sorry.

I just re read some of ya'll's previous posts & not to be contrary- but you seemed to have been more excited about Science guy than Funny guy...hmmmmmm....

& how come you can't take Allegra? (would claritin work?)

again- so sorry you got your period. that sucks.

Co said...

Cali, I was avoiding antihistamines in case I were long-shot-of-long-shots pregnant cuz I am insane like that.

I'm a little more excited about Nerdy Science Guy. I think Lo was leaning more toward Funny Guy, as evidenced by the fact that she gave him many more lines in her post (as several people picked up on--I did, too, but Lo keeps denying it).

We'll make a decision very, very soon.