Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Photo, Uh, Tuesday: Lo's Stuff (with Sperm Washing News)

I'm a teacher, and this is the load I carry to school. I never stopped carrying a backpack, but went straight from student to teacher. My current powder blue one has many secret pockets, which is necessary because I've also never taken to carrying a purse. I do have a "weekend purse" so I don't always show up shlepping the backpack (but I would if I thought I could get away with it).

The tote bag was a free gift at a Liberty game (yes, I have paid my lesbian dues!) and I do not always bring it, just the days (like today) when I have extra materials.

I included the shiny binder in the pic because it's, well, shiny. That was my new school year treat from CVS.

NOTE: In other news, while making copies in the school office today I received a call from the lab and had to duck into the stairwell to discuss the washing of sperm. As Cali accurately reported, it is okay to wash sperm multiple times. You might lose a few in the process, but motility will only be increased. Phew. (As the lab guy asked me somewhat indignantly, "You think I would do something to make you not pregnant?" Well. I should hope not.)


Lorem ipsum said...

Clean sperm is healthy sperm. Who wants unhealthy sperm? Yuck.

Calliope said...

increased motility is EXCELLENT!

charlotte said...

Well, you will certainly have some tidy sperm.

Glad that is resolved.

marci said...

I love your shiny binder, Lo. My teacher stuff is very boring. An Apple computer bag and a small file carrier with a handle. Oh, and my lunchbox!

Good luck with your very washed sperm. We just went with the cryobank recommended by our doc. Not sure what would have happened had we gone outside. Perhaps they must do the washing for their own insurance purposes? Who knows...

Whatever the clean factor, I hope it just does its job!!