Saturday, November 18, 2006

My F-ing Family

So, we were supposed to go meet my nephew this weekend. We were supposed to go last weekend, but I was sick (got antibiotics on Thursday). I've been dragging around with this same cold for about a month. Ugh.

My sister emailed me that she had to go to her nephew's birthday party, and a benefit at the theatre she and her husband run. Okay, fine (although she found out about the birthday party after we planned our visit, and told us as much); I don't expect much more from my sister. After demanding we come up to see a show at the theatre one spring, she didn't visit with us because she had to weed her garden.

My mom and my sister live 10 minutes from each other and we were going to stay with my mom anyway. So I asked my mom if we could just spend Saturday with her and see my sis on Sunday. No, we couldn't, because my mother also had to attend the same birthday party and benefit (my mom, too, found out about the birthday party after we planned our visit....and my sister's nephew is not even technically related to my mom. And my this theatre has shows every week. Every f-ing week. And my mom lives ten minutes away).

My dad is visiting my sister for the second time in two months around Thanksgiving. I last saw my dad in June.

Both my mom and my sister expect us to come next weekend, which is when Co might get her period. After all of the loving support they've offered during this difficult time for us (and especially considering the outpouring of attention I expect when I produce a non-biological child for them), I think I'll schedule a weekend around the twelfth of never.

I never, ever dreamed my family would be like this.


e. said...

That really sucks. I'd be pretty pissed if my family did that.

We were excited to meet you two this weekend. Hopefully you'll reschedule before the 12th of never so we can meet up, but more importantly so you can meet your new nephew.


Sophia said...

that really sucks. I know what this is like. my family can suck too

Calliope said...

Lo- That is LAME. So bumming for you guys. & Kind of hoping you decide to stay home and be with each other. Who needs family when they can be such wankers?

whatthef*ck said...

family drama. ugh.

when is the TWW over? next weekend? fingers crossed for some serious fertilization action.

charlotte said...

Shitheads.They are always just so selfish. It continues to surprise me.