Friday, November 10, 2006

Purple-Orange Fish

So the deed is done. A purple-orange fish made friends with Co in the waiting room at the fertility clinic...

It was all pretty routine. I hate seeing Co in pain but it went quickly. The count of this sample was 60 million, and we're hoping Co released three eggs. Sounds like pretty good odds, but who knows??

So into the TWW we go.


Estelle said...

Sounds like damn fine odds to me. And holy crap! 60 million! Damn!
Nice fish.

eryn said...

I was thinking about you at Noon today.

Glad to hear everything went well. That makes two of us let's hope the sperm and egg can do their jobs! As my midwife said today, you've done your job perfect and now there are a million other things- out of our control that need to happen.

It's great to have a TWW buddy.

Calliope said...

holy shit- those are AMAZING stats!
I am so effing behind in blog reading but I just had to check to see what was up with you two.

come on, Purple-Orange Fish mojo!!!

Co said...

I sctually was just going to call this try purple fish (even though it was indeed a purple-orange fish). But purple-orange fish it is.

By the way, I did note while I was sitting there... the purple-orange fish is a very fast swimmer. I watched it swim to the top of the water level and swoop down and up again at lightning speed. Let's hope the extremely motile 60 mill are as fast, and that the timing was good. I guess with the trigger shot, the timing is somewhat guaranteed to be good, right?

And your reference to "mojo", Cali. It totally is. This whole meeting a fish thing is my superstitious ritual. It fulfills a little need in me... to have a little fish swim over and look me in the eye and wish me good luck.

Grrlscout said...

We are totally thinking of you guys- looks like we will be sharing a TWW!

I hope you get great news, as you definitely deserve it.

Gretch said...

Sounds like good numbers to me! Fingers crossed for you!