Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Belated Photo Friday: H is for Holiday

Here's some photo evidence of holiday cheer around the O household.

Tree 2006
Tree 2006. It's not a real tree (Co is allergic) but doesn't it look great? This Jew can't tell the difference! And Co even indulges me with my Tree-In-A-Can, a candle that smells like real spruce. Mmmmm.... In this picture you can see the stockings hanging on the bedroom door, and if you look closely, a few of the South Park ornaments. Heh heh.

Though we will be a Jewish family, Co's culture includes this celebration, and I enjoy being a part of it. Who wouldn't want an evergreen full of lights at this time of year?

Holiday Lights
We live across the street from a park, and this year the two columns at its entrance are decorated with these festive blue lights.

Holiday Hound
And of course, the Holiday Hound. Oh, Mom, not the ears again!!

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