Saturday, December 16, 2006

Non-Photo Friday: I is for IUI

What else could I be for? But no. We're not taking a picture.

We're at 2 dpo and we're both feeling hopeful. Last time around we felt pretty negative from the beginning, but this time we both feel we could be in the game.

I have a list of reasons, which I am far too superstitious to post now, but will reveal once we know one way or the other.

It's good to be hopeful. But the TWW is torturous.


e. said...

Glad you're both feeling hopeful!

Tamsin said...

Feeling hopeful can only be a good thing :o)

Hope that the holiday season provides you with some respite from the usual agnoies of the 2ww.

J said...

Hopeful is good. Fingers crossed

Jen said...

You'll be in our thoughts. :)