Saturday, March 15, 2008

Photo Friday & Annoyances

Last week, I entered two pictures into Photo Friday, but I didn't get a chance to blog about them. Somehow, I feel like that is cheating. (I know that's crazy.)

So, here is this week's entry. I feel a little lame resorting to so many Jo pictures for Photo Friday, but this one really did come to mind when I saw the theme: both because he's swinging in the picture, and because he I had titled it "Man In Motion." I would like to name more of our pictures after 80s songs.

"Why is Elmo blue?"
--overheard at Babies R Expensive: a mom said it to her toddler, when he showed
her a Cookie Monster rattle

I actually said aloud, "It's Cookie Monster." The woman replied, "Oh honey, I think the lady's right." Yep.

As I've said before, Babies R Expensive itself is highly annoying, but I needed to return a gift item (we got two of the same thing). Then when I got our new purchase home, it was broken. So I have to go back there again. I'm thrilled.


Jo turned three months old on Thursday!! He is big, and beautiful, and delightful. My mom decided to come into town to see him in honor of his three-month birthday. I was pleased and found myself dropping it into conversation that Jo's Grandmom was coming for his 3 month birthday. Then she found a political conference going on in our city this weekend. She (and her husband) came by at noon, and left for the conference by three. She called at 7 to talk about coming back to our place for dinner and to hang out with the boy...but then she called back a few minutes later to say that they'd run into someone and her husband just had to debrief the conference over dinner. (Because she'd mentioned dinner earlier, we hadn't mobilized to feed ourselves.) But they'd only be about twenty minutes. A full two hours later, she called and said they were coming over. Co told her she was doing no such thing (I made her answer the phone; she was polite, though, 'cause that's my Co).

I am feeling neglected and bitter, but fortunately, my sweet baby doesn't know the difference. The first time she does that to him when he is aware, is the last time she sees him.

Here is the sweet 3 month old she is missing out on.


fostermama said...

Oh, dear. *hugs* I'm sorry about your disappointing mom visit.

It is difficult to think about how we can minimize the harm done by our parents to our children. Will you try to talk to her about this weekend?

*G* said...

He's such a cutie! And all that hair - wow!

Sorry things didn't work out with your mom's visit. Grandparents can definitely create sticky situations at times. Glad Co was able to prevent any further incidents for the evening :)

calliope said...

Happy 3 months to Jo!
sucks about not getting a good visit with your Mom...sometimes people just don't get it.