Sunday, April 06, 2008

Daycare, Week 1

We all survived! Jo spent two half days and, on Friday, a full day, at "school." His caregivers say he is adjusting. He has been eating plenty and napping some.

Next week he goes for two full days, and then the following week is my spring break. It's a work in progress, but so far the mommies are relieved and pleased.

And here's what a big boy Jo is! (His three-month picture was taken three weeks ago so now he's bigger still!)
[Bottom right 3 days old, bottom left 1 month old, top right 2 months old, top left 3 months old. Click on photo to see a larger view.]


Anonymous said...

Do you think when he is a Big Boy he'll go to The School?

I figure with yourses avoidance of Brand Names I should leave out the name of the school.

who again can't figure out how to sign on to Blogger. Got to use Vidoop!!!

(ask me what that is...)

Anonymous said...

Way to grow, Jo!

And good job (good job too for the moms) on the daycare adjustment!

L. said...

He has grown up so fast. I am happy that daycare has gone so well.

Clare said...

he is very very dear

Anonymous said...

OOOOOH I love babies in jeans!!!

Anonymous said...

He looks so big!
I'm glad that you all are adjusting well to daycare. You're my inspiration!

judy said...

he is so cute...And it looks as though you moms are feeding him well.
I would appreciate your thoughts on my most recent post from a teachers point of view,