Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm a Winner!

So first, I won the most delectable raspberry-lemonade soap scrub from the U.T.E.R.U.S. auction. It's made by Backyard Soaps and I want to eat it, it smells so good, though I have contented myself with scrubbing.

And then there's Prizey. Thanks to art-sweet, I have become somewhat obsessed with this site. I've won a stainless steel water bottle (nice, but too heavy for my everyday shlep-to-work use), a pair of C-section underpanties for a friend, and a nursing tank for Co. But today, oh look what came in the mail: a Scootababy. For ME. Well. I will let Co wear it too. But I love this carrier. It is an excellently comfortable choice for the full-figured gal. Co describes it as a cross between the Ergo and the Maya. Mine is the funky jellybean print.

Happy Pesach to all who celebrate! Jo's Grandmom is in town; here he is reading "My First Passover" with her (note Maggie's ear to the left). Pix of his first seder to come...


calliope said...

awwww! so so cute.
& I can not thank you enough for bidding on something (& getting it!) from the UTERUS auctions.


Jen said...

You're a winner, and I am a whiner. :(

EVERYBODY is winning stuff from Prizey but me. And you won the SCOOTABABY???? I have won nada. zip. zilch. Heather has won, and you have won and Art has won. :(

But congrats to you - some nice stuff, too!