Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6 Month Stats & Family-Filled Weekend

Today was Jo's 6 month checkup. He is hitting all his milestones, and in fact the doctor was impressed with his communication skills (he's a little chatterbox).

He weighs 19 lbs (68th percentile) and is 28 1/4 inches long (91st percentile). Since he started rolling around, he's switched from being very chubby to very tall.

He was very brave about his vaccines this time around -- he cried, of course, but cheered up pretty quickly, instead of the screamfest at 4 months. Mommies were relieved. We were also perversely pleased that, thanks to the national Hib shortage, Jo is getting a delayed vaccination schedule of a sort.

In other news, we've continued introducing solids -- thus far, sweet potato and banana -- but Jo hasn't shown a ton of interest (except in chewing on the spoon). Apparently a lot of breastfed babies just prefer their milk. But we'll continue the daily experimentation sessions.

This past weekend, we went to this festival, which I've been attending since I was nine. (Neither of my two childhood homes nor my parents' marriage have survived the years, so tradition means a lot to me.) We got to spend time with my sister, her husband, and her son; my mom and her husband; our friend-aunties E., K., and their son; friend-auntie W.,; and more friends. Jo got to see Pete Seeger in person. Or rather I got to see Jo see Pete Seeger. Whatever, I was happy. Jo had an absolute blast rolling around on our blanket, playing with his new maracas from Grandmom, and being showered with attention. He slept until nine o'clock on Sunday morning. Awesome.

Less fun was Sunday's torrential rain of Biblical proportions, and our brave little toaster of a Saturn sedan getting stuck in the mud. I was impressed that despite all, we kept Jo dry. The festival was actually cancelled by about two o'clock, which was very sad.

Plus, this trip was his first in the big boy car seat! He could have stayed in the baby bucket (as his measurements today show) but he was spilling out of it. So Co installed our fancy Brit.ax Mara.thon I bought back during the February sale.

Here's some adorable cousin time (Jo and my sister's son, Sam):

Here's Jo wading in the Hudson River:

And for the final shot of cuteness -- be sure you're sitting down for this one, people -- here is Sam kissing his baby cousin.


oneofhismoms said...

Pulkies! I want to nibble them!

Ah, the big boy carseat. What a relief that was. Cakie hated his Snug ride. Turning it face front six months later was even better. Little mile stones. Love 'em!

Melody said...

Those adorable baby-chub legs in the surf!

calliope said...

I am LOVING Jo's hat. so cute

*G* said...

Wow, lookit how big he's getting! Way to grow, Jo! (He's nearly as big as Mater who was 19lbs 10 oz and 28.5 inches at her last visit a couple of weeks ago!)

Clare said...

Try pears! They are always a winner in our house. He is way cute

sandramort said...

Ohhh, enjoy your marath*n. We love ours!!! David and Laura both have them, though she's currently in a bucket from Liz.

babypants said...

That kiss is adorable. Jo is really getting to be so big!!

EggDropBlogger said...

Cutie Patootie!