Sunday, January 18, 2009

Facts, Fun & Otherwise

*Jo figured out how to blow his nose. He wrinkles it up, sniffs loudly and (since he is currently and often congested) rivers of snot pour out. This is actually in the fun facts category because it is seriously helpful to be able to encourage him to blow (by pretending to do so yourself). We've been able to avoid aspirating, which he hates, a number of times since he gained this new skill on Thursday.

*We met X and his moms, who are our neighbors. X is delicious and his moms are lovely.

*We seem to have a picky eater. I hadn't been thinking of him this way, but Co pointed it out (she herself was a picky eater as a kid). And it's true that compared to lists of foods other kids his age, or even younger, will eat, he is just not that versatile. He enjoys feeding himself, but will not actually eat very many finger foods...except carbs. He is a carb fiend and happily gorges on Cheer.ios, pancakes, bread (especially challah and Mommy's homemade!). He also loves strawberries. Everything else we feed him is a puree. We constantly offer him food from our plates and intentionally prepare foods we think he might like. Our pediatrician is fine with his progress, however, so I'm not seriously worried.

*Jo has now been to two first birthday parties (besides his own) and at the latest one we gave him some cupcake. Refined sugar and all. He loved it (see above).

*In addition to saying "Rah-rah" (this is both the sound a lion makes -- roar -- and Jo's word for lion) he now also says versions of "moo" and "woof woof." He may also be trying to say "quack." Stay tuned.

Here is a video of Jo identifying a "Rah-rah" in one of his favorite books, Dear Zoo.


FosterMommy said...

Congrats on the nose-blowing! It's the best!

Don't even bother comparing his eating habits to other kids'. He's not "picky", he's just a baby. Some babies will shove anything into their mouths because it's fun, some have a more discerning palate, or like to see/try something a few times before accepting it. Etc.
The rule of thumb is that a child *actually* doesn't like something if they've tried it at least 10 times and rejected it. and i don't know if that applies to 1 year olds, even.

Anyway, that list doesn't seem that short to me, especially with the "rest of it" being purees. Nothing wrong with purees. They're food!

jessie said...

How cute that he blows his nose!!!

Anonymous said...





That is one CUTE kid. Love the rah-rah video!

Emma said...

woohoo on the nose blowing!!

Anonymous said...

That video is adorable!

Kate said...

The video was really cute!

It was great to meet you last week.