Saturday, January 24, 2009

Toddler Love

I owe you all the obligatory tear-streaked inauguration post and trust me it's coming but here's a quickie:

I love my toddler. Of course I love my toddler; what I mean is that I love having a toddler. I've worked with kids of many ages, including babies and preschoolers all the way through high school, but somehow skipped toddlers so I never knew much about them. Jo has his moments (many of them at 3 or 4 a.m.) but generally I find toddlerhood delightful.

He is walking carefully, slowly, occasionally, definitely still a skill to be practiced -- when he actually wants to go somewhere he crawls, and fast -- but he's catching on.

I love watching him learn words. (Here is the current list, from his baby book: rah-rah [see previous post], mama, moo, hoo [as in owl], woof, night-night, yeah, no, ba-ba [nursing/bottle], bye, baby.)

I love how affectionate he is: with us, with his daycare providers, with his daycare playmates, with his stuffed animals, with the long-suffering dachshund. He has taken to climbing into our laps just to hang out. So sweet!

For the past two evenings he has been climbing out of the bathtub into my lap, to hug and cuddle. Last night I finally clued in and just climbed in the tub with him. He loved that. He also took one look at my naked chest, widened his eyes, signed "milk," and grabbed me. Adorable.


possiblemaybe said...

I agree! Granted, we are only newly admitted into the world of toddler-hood, but it seems that since his birthday, Ribbit has just exploded. It's amazing to see him soaking up the world like this little sponge on wheels.

Looking forward to hearing more about Jo's fantastic vocabulary!

Anonymous said...

does he ever try to nursse?

Student Nurse Midwife said...

Hey guys...I've tagged you in a 25 Things about Me post. Please see my blog and let me know if you want to play along!


kombu said...

I LOVE the 2nd year.
Loved it with S & with Z.
I think I'm also going to love the 3rd year, now that I'm starting to wrap my head around it, but the 2nd year is IMO the easiest to love. The explosion of learning is really incredible. And Jo sounds sweet. Yay! I'm glad you're having fun.

Lo said...

Sandra, not sure which Sandra you are (we know a few) but FYI, Jo nurses a great deal!!

SandraMort said...

Sandra (Mort) -- I was asking if he ever tries nursing from the L-mom, not the C-mom.