Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bullets From A Neglectful Blogger

Alas, I don't actually know how to format bullets, so you get asterisks.

*Bobbie is fine. I had the nuchal back in the beginning of September and finally got to see the little bugger. Actually, I had two nuchals, because in my anxiety to get a look inside, I scheduled the first one just a little too early for comfort, and they couldn't get the right measurements. I was actually fine with that, because I was thinking of it as a viability scan anyway, and that it was! I didn't mind going back to check on a creature I knew was in there. Unfortunately, they couldn't get the right measurements the second time, either. No one came right out and said so but I suspected it was a fat thing (which my midwife confirmed). The doctor in charge of the testing assured me that everything looked fine, which I don't think he'd dare do if he didn't truly think so, so we have elected not to go ahead and get the quad screen. I haven't scheduled the Level II but it can be in two weeks, I think. OMG. (I'm a little worried about the fat thing and the Level II but the midwife said it shouldn't be as much of a problem because Bobbie will be bigger.)

*And on that note, everyone says Bobbie is a girl. "Everyone" being my sister and two of our friends. Before I conceived, I was convinced Jo would have a brother. Now I'm not so sure.

*Back to the fat thing: my midwife says I can gain 15 pounds from the weight I gave at my first appointment (um, I hate to tell her how much weight I can gain...). However, I am currently 8.5 pounds below that first-appointment-weight. My eating is still not back to normal (it's become pretty common for me to have mashed potatoes and salad for dinner). I am NOT complaining.

*Knock wood, spit spit, etc etc, we may have a bigger place to live! (And let me tell you, we need it.) We put an offer on a larger apartment last weekend and the lawyers are currently drawing up the contract. It's in the same neighborhood we live in now, a ten minute walk from our current place and still across the street from the park (and next door to the awesome ice cream place).

*In sad news, my mother's uncle died last week, and days later I got an email that my father's aunt has a pre-leukemic disorder. Uncle H. was 88 and Aunt A. is in her 90s. I grew up without grandparents so my great-aunts and uncles were the closest I had, and losing them is complicated.

*Jo continues to be the funniest, sweetest, smartest toddler in the world. He now takes gymnastics as well as his beloved music class, and he somersaults all over the place (he also does "seat drops" on our hardwood floors).

Here he is last weekend at his cousin Sam's birthday party:

And here he is at a Rosh Hashanah celebration in September:


vee said...

Oh, what a handsome boy! Glad all is well with Bobbie too. Don't let them nag you too much about "the fat thing" - if you lived here, it wouldn't even have been mentioned!

Calliope said...

he is looking so adorable!

very glad for an update- been thinking of ya'll.

re: the fat thing and scans- I hear you! I had something like 4 anatomy scans because they couldn't always get measurements. I felt lucky to have so many sneak peeks at Snork.

you are doing so great!
you better update with apartment news!!!

sandra said...

He is such a cutie!

Malea said...

Uncle Louie G goes great with Cheesestake.

Jen said...

I assume you like your MW otherwise, but as far as your weight is concerned, tell her to go jump in a lake. Your body will do what it needs to do.

Glad most things are well and I wish you much luck on the apartment. Keep us posted!

Melody said...

Yay!! Glad to hear that Bobbie is doing well. Congrats on the potential new apartment. I hope it works out! And Jo is as beautiful as ever. Love to all of you.

Jess W. said...

I know I'm one of the two friends voting GIRL! I'm so happy to read your (mostly) excellent news! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

Sandra Mort said...

Glad to see an update.

I won't comment on the permission to gain 15 lbs unless you say you want me to, since I have strong opinions on the matter.

David's the baby EVVVVERYBODY said was a girl. THough I'm crossing my fingers... one of each would be fun.

He's getting so big and handsome!!!

Don't forget about us! :)

How's CO holding up?