Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moving Along

Sorry for the time between posts. We are both still kind of stunned by this news. You hope it's going to work the first time, but it never seems like a real possibility.

It feels like limbo, too, because we don't have the reassurances we had last time: no betas, no early ultrasounds. I have a midwife appointment scheduled for about 9 weeks in. But at this point, I have no symptoms except possibly increased hunger. Who knows what is going on in there??

In other news, we're on our second of two weeks staying in a house in the "country" near my mom and sister. Jo is having a blast seeing his "Gabba" (grandmother), aunt, and almost-3-year-old cousin every day. Some visuals:

Cousins at the farm:

Cousins with bear statue (these bear statues are all over my sister's town this summer):

Playing basketball at Gabba's house:


calliope said...

sooooooo glad to hear from you!! And honestly it is about time someone in our circle got the awesome the 1st go 'round. It is a wonderful, wonderful thing!

Melody said...

What?! No betas? No u/s? Are you at least peeing on a stick a day? :)

Uneventful is good. Less medicalized is good. I'd be going nutty though.

J said...

my friends made one of those bears!

Anonymous said...

I was about to go over to your house, open your laptop and press your fingers on the keys. So, I'm glad you decided to post of your own accord. It saves me a little jail time.

How happy! You don't have symptoms and you don't have your period.

Your new name is Myrtle.


Anonymous said...

Hi Myrtle!
What you've got yourself there is an olde-fashioned pregnancy. It must be a little tough, though, since you have been in the world of early ultrasounds and betas and the like. Hang in there! And I truly hope you don't get any of the icky symptoms, though they may be reassuring at times. How about something symbolic, like, one puke per week?

Emma said...

Hi you! *hugs*
Glad you're having fun with family visiting.
When we were in NH at toy stores and kitsch stores, I kept seeing little baby things and having trouble not starting to shop for your Bump. :)
I told my sister, but I told her not to tell anyone (didn't tell my parents, don't worry).
I can't wait til the news is public. I keep saying to people that I'm excited about something I can't talk about yet. :)

And, of course, I hope it sticks. But I also have a really good feeling about it, so I'm allowing myself to be excited w/o too much worry or anything.

love you guys!

meanmama said...

Are you okay? Just checking in.