Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Okay, thanks for the advice, although Lo is the one who asked for it.

If you have a response to the original question--what must-have items do we need in our apartment from day 1--and haven't yet commented, please do. Otherwise, it seems like the comments are beginning to venture off on tangents. And some of them have wigged me out a bit.

I am not a multi-tasker. That's Lo. I like to take on one major life thing at a time. Right now, I am mostly focused on preparing for childbirth and earning enough money to have the luxury of a 3-month maternity leave. Lo is focused on getting our home Flipper ready. So, see, that's where we're at.

I will get to breastfeeding, I promise, and I will do so before too long. You don't need to remind me that time is running out. Goshdurned ticker!!!! How it mocks me!!!

In the meantime, please don't go on about breastfeeding to me until I ask... especially if what you want to say could be perceived as scary by a hormonal, stressed-out host organism with a creature living inside her who is currently trying to kick his way up through her rib cage. Wrong direction, little guy. You'll figure it out eventually, I hope.


calliope said...

sending you some love.
Those lists are pretty intimidating!

Sandra said...

*hugs* I swear, everything will fall into place. You guys are doing a great job!!!! I have absolute faith in you three!!!

art-sweet said...

I'm sorry if I said anything that contributed to the wigginess. You've got the most important thing - two mommies who are going to love flipper until their hearts start melting on the floor, and that's what counts. All the rest is just icing on the cake.

Hoping flipper figures out which end is down.

susan said...

I'd say the thing you should have from the get-go is some food in the freezer, and try to have your laundry done so that when you are tired and exhausted you won't run out of underwear or pajamas or clothes for you two. Sounds like you've got what you need already.

Shelli said... baby! The Amy's frozen meals have been, and ARE our life savers!

Only now, that Malka is almost two, am I getting back into cooking and crafting, and Amy's meals are YUMMY, and realatively healthy.

fostermama said...
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fostermama said...

Sorry if what I said was scary. I guess I was trying misguidedly to convey the importance of having support since I know you're a little nervous about this aspect of things. Making you more nervous - not so helpful.

art-sweet's right that you've got the main stuff you need all built in. You really will be totally fine.

Sacha said...

Here's what I think you should have for a newborn. A yoga ball and a good pump. A bouncey seat. Swaddle blankets. A sound machine (or sound CD). Phone number for the on-call doc for when your hormones crash like a mofo (yay). A moby wrap. Put your pump together before Flipper arrives (it took M. and I THREE days to put our pump together because we were so sleep deprived). A DVD of your favorite comedy show because it's great to watch while your up feeding in the middle of the night (Arrested Development was mine). A baby bath tub.

I don't know what is wigging you out, but I found that M. and I discovered amazing reserves of strength during the newborn phase that I never knew we possessed. It's hard not to be fearful about the change and new level of responsibility a baby can bring, but you WILL get through to the other side. It's part of human nature to perservere through difficulty. Right when you think you can't make it another day, Flip will smile at you and in that instant you will devote your entire being to him, go through sleep deprivation and whatever else you need to.

Hang in there. I promise this parenting thing is as awesome as it is challenging. We're thinking of you.

indigoscot said...

i will be happy to assist with any breastfeeding questions, worries whatever you might have..when you're ready that is. :)

we're currently into month 3 of breastfeeding.

indigoscot said...

oh yeah, definitely put the pump together first. we have a medela pis and the pieces need to be sterilzed by boiling for 10mins. i was so tired it was a chore reading the instruction booklet. then it was a stress using it for the first time. don't worry if you don't get much output to start with. ok, i stepped over the line into bf advice....sorry!