Monday, October 15, 2007


As Co explained, we have a lot to do. As you all explained, we may not finish it all before Flip is born. But I just want to point out how much we HAVE done:
--Doula selected and deposit mailed in
--Childbirth class has just two classes left
--Pediatrician interviews scheduled (We made one interview with a doctor we think we'll like, and then a backup appointment we hope not to have to keep; the practice of pediatrician #1 was recommended by trustworthy local bloggers)
--Names legally changed
--Lawyer chosen, and wills drafted
--Co's new desk ordered
--Car repair scheduled for this week

Here is what we would like to get done before Flipper joins us:
--Names changed at least with Social Security (Co is concerned with getting his right name on the birth certificate; there's a local SS office with late hours so we should at least be able to get the application in)
--Wills signed (We just need to go over the draft and contact lawyer)
--Call super to do minor home repairs
--Get handy-person to move some furniture around
--It would be great to schedule a 1st home study and start gathering 2nd parent adoption documentation

The hospital tour may not happen, unless Co decides as we get closer that she'd really like to see it. I feel like we'll be able to find the place.

We have everything we would like to have for Flipper's arrival except for his bed/P*ck N' Pl*y, which we plan to order at 36 weeks just so we're fully prepared. I guess we should get some swaddling blankets too (we have regular blankets). (Everything else we can just hope we get as gifts :-)

I'm tempted to put this list on our sidebar and cross out the obstacles as we overcome them. Anyone want to email me code for strikethrough?


bri said...

The crossout code is < strike >.

I highly recommend this brand of muslin blanket called Aden and Anais for swaddling - - they are lovely and soft and safe - the fabric is so thin the kid can breathe through it. I am finding that he gets REALLY hot sleeping even when the room is cool so swaddling in these is excellent even now with the nicer weather and certainly later with NYC building heat! BUT they are pricey - register for them, maybe.

*G* said...

Not sure if the rules are the same in your state, but I was able to give Mater a last name different than my current last name without any problem. We were concerned that we would need to have our names changed first so that they wouldn't give us any grief about her last name (J's and my future last name), but there were no problems. I just made a call to the hospital birth records office to double check so we wouldn't be stressed about getting all the paperwork in on time to confirm it before we went.

maeby said...

I think you've got a pretty impressive DONE list - go Lo & Co! And I, for one, think having a side bar list to cross items off of would be great motivation. And because I'm a list whore.

fostermama said...

Offspring having a different last name than your own is not a problem, legally. Not saying hospital records don't get mixed up, but a change with Social Security probably won't prevent that, unfortunately.

That's cool that Aussie swaddle cloths are available through a US distributer now. We actually ordered some from Australia, and split the order 2 for us and 3 for a friend's baby as a shower gift. Including shipping, they ended up being probably around the same price as the ones Bri recommends. We got organic cotton. But now that the exchange rate sucks, the ones we got would probably be much more expensive. :P

Go you on getting so much checked off your list!

Mo said...

It sounds like you have done a ton and shouldn't have to stress about much more. We skipped the hospital tour too, so when I arrived in labor and asked for directions to L&D, the woman asked me who I was visiting! That didn't impact the speed with which we arrived any, but I just thought it was funny.

art-sweet said...

I use < del > for strike out.

Yeah you for getting all that done! Can't WAIT to meet flipper!

Sandra said...


Co said...


What's really wrong with this country is how many places don't allow 2nd parent adoption AT ALL. At least we have the option.

And basically, since the adoption statute for 2nd parent adoption is the same one used for any adoption, yes, there's a home study involved.