Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life Cycles

We're going to post soon about the trip, I promise. Work so gets in the way of blogging.

My uncle died today. He's had aggressive lung cancer for a year now so it's no surprise, and it is a blessing. He went peacefully and got to see his daughter, my cousin, before he went. I think he was waiting.

About a month ago, my mom's oldest friend (since high school) died of cancer as well. I hadn't known she was ill.

And now Ted Kennedy...that's enough life cycle for me for a long while, thank you very much.


calliope said...

I am so so sorry for your loss.
much love to you all.

S. said...

A. says: Baruch dayan haemet. She remembers her uncle hitting it off with him at your graduation party.

I'm sorry.

Melody said...

I'm sorry, too. Much too much cancer in the world.

Mo said...

I'm so sorry, Lo. I'm glad your uncle was able to see his daughter first though (and that she was able to see him).

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your Uncle. I agree - sometimes there is just too much bad news of the same nature all at once. Thinking of you...