Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We Flew Away

We had the gall and the innocence to take Jo on his first airplane journey. Since the intense O Family never does anything halfway, we decided to make it cross-country.

Post(s) upcoming about:
  • Traveling with an almost-5-month old
  • Introducing Jo to his Left Coast family
  • Our first Mothers' Day (I'm an English teacher. Apostrophes matter.)
And oh, the adorable pictures.

However, I got to bed past 1 am last night and my profession requires a 6 am wake-up call. So, oh clamoring audience, pictures and prose will come anon...

E.T.A.: OK, just one picture. Too cute to save. Our trip was for a family Bat Mitzvah; here's Jo ready to celebrate in his dress shirt and yarmulke.


*G* said...

Such a cutie he is!! And wow, has he grown! Hope the trip went well - we're about to embark on a long trip ourselves in the not too distant future.

calliope said...

soooo cute!
Happy 5 months, Mr. O!


Melody said...

Love the "Mothers' Day."

And what a cherub!

sandra said...

what a cutie!!!