Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cycle 1?

I had my HSG today. The tubes are all-clear. Hoo-boy, is that one unpleasant lesbian babymaking hoop to jump through.

The nurse made me pee in a cup for a pregnancy test before the test. Unfortunately, the Holy Spirit seems to be out of the babymaking business.

I can't do an IUI at the clinic this cycle, because the results of my genetic testing (those pesky inbreeding Ashkenazi Jews) isn't in. I suspect I will have the results by ovulation, but a cycle with the clinic starts with cd2 bloodwork and Dr. Paisan wanted "all our ducks in a row."

But while this may be my first time TTC, it is also not my first time, and I may have a way around those pesky clinic rules. I'll keep you posted.

**Note to IRL friends: We have not made our TTC news public, so please keep the information here under your collective hats until further notice.


S. said...

that's one way with dealing with the IRL friends. i like it.

Meg said...

So excited that you are on your way! I hear this is going to be a very good summer :)

nutella said...

v excited for you. good luck!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on TTC! Well, you may not be in a celebrating mood considering your bfns, but I am just reading blogs after straying for months... so I am very excited to learn that an already wonderful family may potentially become even more wonderful in the near future!