Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed

The title of this post was the title of the email my midwife sent when the sperm arrived at her office on Friday.

But the other eagle -- ovulation -- has not landed. It's cd14 and I will still test tonight, but I'm so nervous. Stupidly, I haven't successfully tracked my ovulation before so I have no real confidence that it happens.



Anonymous said...

You'll do fine. Don't freak out if it's a little hard to detect... it's just you getting used to your body. I repeat... you'll do fine.

Now, go and succeed on your first try. I'll be envious, but in a supportive way! ;-)

The Fonaholics said...

Oh how exciting... cannot wait for you to be in the TWW.

calliope said...

hurrah for the Eagle (& muppet fool that I am totally thought of Sam. heh)
so excited for you guys!!

Pufferfish said...

Oh that's funny! We use that phrase when AF has arrived! Glad the TWW is almost'll have that answer soon!