Saturday, January 21, 2006

I am writing as one half of a lesbian couple who have begun the process of starting our family. (Which means we're looking for sperm, or "leavening" as my friend W. -- who is in the midst of the same process -- calls it.)

I'm starting this blog because I have been enjoying reading other such "journeys" (my wife C., the mathematician, insists that it's a process rather than a journey....I, on the other hand, am an English teacher), such as babycakes ( ) and two moms are better than one ( ).

No making fun of my computer skills, please. As I said above...I'm an English teacher. I do what I can.

(If anyone who knows me personally chooses to read this: please be discreet and use initials rather than names and no identifying details please. I don't want the FBI -- or worse, my students -- to be able to identify me.)

Edit: Yes, I had misspelled "journeys" above, and now I've fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out, 2More Mamas. YOU try staring at kids' misspellings all day without making a few yourself....


Brooke said...

Just wanted to send a little "Welcome to the Blogosphere" note. Found my way here via Two Moms Are Better Than One. My DP & I are in the beginning stages of negotiating with our potential known donor, as well as trying to put together our May wedding. CRAZY! Anyway, best wishes on your journey!
(super-secret TTC blog:

Lo said...

Thanks Brooke!! I can't tell you how much your welcome made me smile.
I don't mean to be annoying with my secrecy. It's just that, well, I have these kids in my life (not the ones I'm trying to create) who just don't need to know this stuff. And boy, do they know how to google....

Sarah and BB said...


We too are on a TTC journey. Blogging is a great way to write about it, there are so many of us out there, the support and connection is one-of-a-kind!
Can't wait to come back and read more.

Jennifer said...

I'm on the other side of the adventure - a partnered lesbian with two children.

Welcome, good luck and I hope success finds you quickly.

Amanda said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog! It looks like you've now entered the "blogosphere", so welcome... i think you'll find that writing about all the ups and downs of this journey is so very helpful. i'll add your link to my page, and look forward to following along with ya. Again, thanks so much.