Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This is the kind of question that makes Co feel like a science fair project, but....

I've seen that a number of you baby bloggers drink green tea and grapefruit juice as a "fertility cocktail." I looked for info about that in all of my books (and my books were recommended to me by S, my college best friend's wife; S. & A. successfully had a baby with a known donor by inseminating at home...said baby is now almost a year old. They're my heros, so I'm convinced the books HAVE to work) and didn't see anything.

So, where did you-all hear about this idea? Should we add this to Co's variables?


Adriana Velez said...

Together? Intriguing! If they don't have to be together you'll have to try this Swiss yogurt I just found -- pink grapefruit! It sounds weird but it's so yummy!

marci said...

That is an interesting combination.... But, hell, if it works!!

And about linking to my blog, please do! Can I link to yours also??

Jennifer said...

I know that lots of women use various herbs to help with conception. The grapefruit juice is supposed to increase EWCM and I think the green tea is supposed to as well. If Co has adequate EWCM I think you could probaby avoid it for a while, but adding it wouldn't hurt either.

I used an RE and a highly medicalized process to conceive both of my children so I didn't have to worry about things like this. Sorry I can't be of my help.

Which books do you have btw? I found a couple of really good lesbian specific books if you're interested in the names.

Lo said...

Jennifer, I don't mean to be ignorant, but what is EWCM? And what is an RE?
I have some books, but I am always open to more suggestions. :-)

M. said...

I think maybe you got this term from us?

Anyway, as Jennifer said, both are to increase your EWCM, or egg-white quality (most fertile) cervical mucous. At some point we stopped the grapefruit juice but thanks to your reminder, I think we'll pick it back up again this cycle!