Friday, January 27, 2006

Our Blog Title

I named our blog "The Family O" because Co and I both have last names that start with O. The names really have absolutely nothing in common after that first letter, but nonetheless...

I had been posting for a while as "familyo" but now the computer-literate Co has given me a more useful display name. Now I am Lo, which are both my initials, and the letters that appear on the purple thermometer before Co's temperature is taken.

Also, Co has pointed out that when you put our display names together you get "LoCo." Apt.


marci said...

Ha! LOCO. Very funny.

Regarding your post on my blog, Lo, our dogs names are Scooter (the tan wire-haired) and Mackenzie (the black and tan dapple) both are extremely different in personality and keep us laughing.

I've tried the road biking bit. Too scary for me. I'd rather be on the lookout for hungry mountain lions than soccer moms in Suburbans talking on their cellphones. shivers :)

charlotte said...

I love your blog name.
This weekend I started my own blog, come say hi!

marci said...

Hey there!
Regarding my last blog entry, the appointment we are having is with a reproductive endocrinologist, an RE, I guess they are called. It is our initial appointment.