Monday, April 30, 2007

Bits & Pieces

A bit more detail on our final RE ultrasound: Embryo-O actually looked human; I could make out a head, and buds of arms and legs. The earlier ultrasounds didn't look like anything, except that I was glad to see the flickering heart.

Dr. Quick always sticks the wand in vigorously and then before I have the chance to whine, "Is everything okay?," he is saying, "There is your baby." He congratulated both of us. I think he must like that part of his job.

Our awesome friends have gotten us a stroller! They saw a Cr*ig's List ad, for the same model they have, and asked if we wanted it. It's also the one that I had, independently, bookmarked on the Babies R Expensive website because I liked its features. At first I thought, oh well, that's cool, but it's too early. Then I compared the prices and Co and I looked at each other and said, what the heck.

And in other serendipitous babystuff news, we can most likely use my sister's (well, my nephew's) infant car seat because he'll have outgrown it by the time Embryo-O needs a seat outside of Co. And it's one of two models that are compatible with the stroller.

Now, of course, I'm really scared something will go wrong.

My mom called to ask me about blogging. She is interested in setting up a blog for her husband's anti-corporate non-profit. But she also asked repeatedly if I had any blogs, saying "I guess it would be private if you did." Yep.

So far she has nicknamed Embryo-O both Shmendrick and Flipper. My name in utero was Yankel (I think they were kidding, but I'm still glad I was a girl).

Co and I met a local blogger this weekend. It's ironic that sometimes it takes the Internet to connect us to likeminded people a mere bus ride away. It was amazing, for me, to enter into the conversation as an expectant parent. She congratulated me and immediately related to me as a fellow parent (and lent me a great book to obsess over!). I am really going to be a mom. And that's how people see me.


vee said...

Repeat after me - "I am going to be a Mum" - doesn't that feel great! Glad everything is looking good.

Melody said...

Embryo-O has limbs! It's so amazing!

Holly said...

The stroller is great! What great friends!
The ultrasounds are fun when the little one looks more and more like a person, right?

S. said...

As she may have told you, A. found that while I was pregnant and immediately after Z. was born, she was more out because when she talked about the baby coming or having just been born people clearly noticed her not-pregnancy.

You know you don't need to keep having ultrasounds, right? It's a technology that has actually never been tasted for fetal safety, as surprising as that may seem.

e. said...

i am so glad to hear such good news from the family o! it seems like everything is coming together perfectly! :)

oneofhismoms said...

You look exactly like someone who's about to be a mom. I was happy to meet you and your lovely pooch and to be in the presence of embryo-o!

BTW, I knew that witchy doctor was all wrong. Good thing. Kudos.

Silly Bus said...

Thanks for sharing your views in this post!!!