Tuesday, April 17, 2007

OB Appointment

First of all, big bloggy congratulations to Charlotte and S.! Baby #2 is on the way!

And another congratulations to Gaye and Clare on the birth of their son!

We spent most of our day at the OB/Gyn office. Co had an 11:30 Gyn appointment which was made months ago, so we figured we'd keep it and do a combo Gyn appointment/OB consultation while we could. Our appointment was much later because the doctor was out...delivering 2 babies. By the time we got home it was after 4 (and she's only 5 minutes away from our house). We didn't mind so much, though if it had just been a Gyn appointment it would have been annoying.

When we arrived, who was sitting in the waiting room but CF, Co's due date buddy! She sees this doctor as well on our recommendation. So that made the wait more bearable as well.

To be honest, I was not expecting to like the OB. To clarify: I like her, she is my Gyn, but I've been very excited about our midwife appointments and somewhat dismissive of the OB option. After this meeting I feel like she is a great option, which may make the decision more difficult (I know, we should all have such difficulties).

The doctor did an ultrasound, which we weren't expecting, so we got another peek at Embryo-O's beating/flickering heart. She pronounced it a "good strong heartbeat." Another highlight from the appointment was when she did Co's Pap smear, the brush came out with gunk on it and she said, "Are you using progesterone suppositories or is this yeast?" Eeeeeeuw. Co was fascinated that the progesterone was still up there. (And you worry about your downstairs, Cali!)

Dr. Mellow (so named for the attitude described in this paragraph) was very open to my questions and gave what I thought were the best possible answers. She said that "pregnancy is simple" and that while she always wants to know about symptoms, she will "shrug my shoulders" at most of them because "that's pregnancy, it's only 9 months."

This philosophy puts me at ease not least because my own parents have always been very non-interventionist in our care, from pre-natal on. My sister and I were both born at home. The doctor who delivered us was also our pediatrician. My mom tells a story about calling him in hysterics about some rash I had as an infant (I'm the oldest, the first baby). He said solemnly, "Oh yes. I know that rash. That's the 'vervase rash'." My mom began questioning him about this "vervase rash" for a few minutes until she realized (and he knew she knew this) that "vervase" is Yiddish for "who knows."

Dr. Mellow's Caesarean rate is 17% which, she said, is less than the national average (no, I don't know what the national average is). She practices at a hospital that's walking distance from our home. Mother and baby will have to stay at that hospital for 48 hours after a vaginal birth, 72 after a C-section. She said the baby staying with us depends on what the baby needs. My staying over depends on whether we get a private room, which is first come first serve.

She gave us a referral to schedule the "ultrascreen," a.k.a. nuchal fold screening at M*donna Perninatal next door. I like the name. :-) And though we're still both mightily superstitious, it's intoxicating to be thinking ahead like this. The receptionist who booked the appointment was excited that we were a couple and gave me some props that I was needing for being such a great othermom (I was the one who rattled off last menstrual period, due date, dates of appts, etc).

Also, and this is silly, but I like it that she has an Israeli/Jewish name and her partner in the practice has a clearly Arab last name. Our own little Middle East peace practice. My mother will be delighted.

Tomorrow, two consult appointments at local midwife practices.


Co said...

The new Blogger won't let me edit a post made by Lo. So, I am clarifying something with a comment. I am *still* on the hoo-ha bullets. The progesterone residue the OB/GYN found was left over from the night before, not weeks ago. So, it was gross, but not *that* gross.

I am supposed to stay on the hoo-ha bullets until I get discharged by my R.E.

bri said...

I am fairly confident I know that doctor. My best friends both went to her. I CERTAINLY don't want to burst your bubble at all, but I will email you because I think it's only right to share anything I know that might help with your decision, and one friend just recently had a very hard time with her. I think it can partly be chalked up to that laidback thing you mention - yes, it is really good to have someone who will never make you feel panicked, but I HIGHLY recommend that the person also never make you feel stupid for worrying, and that's what scares me about her. It also scares me that you had to wait so long. A practice should be set up to deal with deliveries and not make people wait like that. You are giddy and high on early pg right now but that could get bad later on when appointments are decidedly not so interesting. More details to come.

To look ahead to your next appointments, I will share that another very close friend just delivered at aforementioned nieghborhood hospital with a midwife from PS Midwives and had a WONDERFUL experience.

Holly said...

That's okay - there will be many moments of "eeewwww" stuff throughout the pregnancy. It just becomes funny.

Sheila said...

Backing up what Bri said--our little two-midwife, one-examining-room practice would call us to cancel and reschedule if the midwife of the day was out on a birth. Making you wait isn't a good sign.